One Shot #1: The Demons Pit


*This one shot occurs before our heroes enter the Lonely Valley*

created at: 07/26/2012





During his down time The professor  is alerted to a string of murders across the globe, these murders in are special as they are being committed in places the significant to the secret sentinels, and the bodied are also being hung wearing cheap knock offs of the sentinels’ uniforms.


Springing into action the professor arrives at a stormy crime scene in central park, Brother Donovan meets with him and together they scan the area for any clues as to who committed the crimes. Together they don’t find much; they do manage to find a match book to a club in New York called “End of the Line”. Brother Donovan instructs Mysterium to check it out, while he goes and investigates the crime scene in London over.




Deciding to walk the professor is able to take in all there is to offer from the New York nightlife, but none of the Clubs stand out like End of the Line. With a line wrapping around the building, the professor decides to use the V.I.P entrance, the Bouncers have other plans sadly and this results in a small altercation involving a cane a polymorph on the poor guards. A voice on the intercom became the mediator as he allowed the professor to enter with having to fight.


Once inside the trippy bar, the professor heads to the bar where he meets the bartender Isabella. Isabella explains the rules of the bar, this place is neutral ground, neither side can break the treaty, or they will be dealt with harshly.  Grabbing a glass of southern comfort, the professor makes his way to the center of the room, to wait for the owner of the establishment, watching as he comes from the third floor via a glass elevator he approaches he professor and invites him to the back office.

created at: 07/26/2012


The club owner who calls himself Victor explains that most of New York’s big players are in the club right now, and that it is likely the killer is here as well. Victor points the professor in the direction of The Hand a group that has hung people in full view before.


After a through meta-level pat down the professor meets the leader of the hand Jester, the two to not get along well with each other, as the aggressive attitude of the professor bored Victor. He did let on that he knew everything that went down in the city, and that it was his job to know.

created at: 07/26/2012


Making a relaxed exit he bid farewell to the professor who followed him outside the Club. Just before the professor could reach the door, he was put at knifepoint by a silk voiced woman, who warned him that the path he now follows leads to a coffin, before the Professor could reply she disappears into the crowd.


Feeling a bit outmatched the professor returned to his pursuit of Jester and his men, who are now entering a car outside the club, just as the professor thinks that they have sent a mooch to fight him, he is surprised to see the man hand him a large envelope, inside are the case files of each of the sentinel murders.


Taking the files back to his pocket dimension, the professor pours over them, only to realize that he is the one that is in fact being targeted. Later in the evening another string of murders has been committed this time in the courtyard of Sinai Tower. The Professor arrives and fined nothing but a ornate dagger that reads “There will always be a White Ghost” The crime scene is not as clean this time around as the murderer was clearly interrupted. As the professor relays his findings to Brother Donovan he is horrified to hear the sound of him being captured over his mental link.




Following a trail of blood form the crime scene the professor makes his way to an old boarding house a few blocks away, there he finds the bartender Isabella, a chase ensues that ends with Isabella being captured and taken to the plantation and put into a holding cell.


The professor pulls out all the stops in his interrogation tactic, but the woman is a fortress. Isabella does tell the professor one thing, “The Demons request an audience, you’ll know where to find him.” Once he realizes who and what this women is, the professor slit her throat in anger, and drops her body in hell, the devil comments that he does not littering.


The professor knows where to go, the place of their first meeting, the island of Uhl, a remote place that once housed one of Ra's al Ghul’s Lazarus pits. Using his hat he quickly makes his way there. Creeping down torchlight path he comes of a great underground cavern, inside are multiple members of the League of Assassins, Ra's al Ghul himself and a barely conscious Brother Donovan hanging over a pit.




Ra's al Ghul criticizes the professor on that regardless of his immortality, his loved ones are not so lucky, and the trail of bodies left in his wake, can no longer be overlooked. Cutting Donovan’s arm he pours his blood into the pit, and then uses a tuft of hair which the professor knows is his(Stolen by the girl in the Club).


Ra's al Ghul jumps in the now fully activated Lazarus pit, and is able to fight of the madness that goes with it, vowing to right the wrongs The Professor has committed in the past. The fight begins rather even, each of them trading blows with their swords, but soon the battle turns ill for Mysterium as Ra's al Ghul pins him to the wall with a dagger, through sheer force of will Brother Donovan using his blue ring to heal Mysteruim which in turn allowed him to continue fighting, he pays for it however as one of the female assassins jumps for the wall and stabs Donovan in the leg. The demon laughs teasing the professor on the fact that he is proving his point as he fights.




Fearing for his friend’s life, Mysterium fights to the bitter end until, he forces Ra's al Ghul to yield. Ra's al Ghul allows him the leave with Brother Donovan, but warns that his past sins will soon be put to light. Donovan asks to be taken back to his Penthouse, and the professor agrees, as he arrives and lay his friends body down he hears a noise in Bianca room, there he see one of the assassins the very one who stabbed him in the leg  coming though the window, another fight breaks out one that Mysterium quickly looses, the Assassin warns him that if he tells anyone who she is, she will kill Donovan and his daughter. As soon as the professor agrees she completely changes her expression to that of a concerned fiancé, running to the aid of Donovan.


A week later the Professor returns to Sinai Tower for Donovan’s get well party, there himself and Sahiba exchange encrypted blows, until Sahiba lets on that she posses the Professors painting, and that she would have to show it to him one day. This all goes over the head, Mysterium leaves only to be followed by Sahiba who after smashing his head into the wall, warns him again to keep his mouth shut, and that bigger things are at play that his blood feud with Ra's al Ghul, her last words are that she really does Love Donovan and that stabbing him hurt her more than she puts on. The panel ends with the two of them back at the party, with Sahiba giving the professor and pleasant smile.

created at: 07/24/2012



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