GNN Special Report: Civil Unrest

This is Vicky Vale reporting, The controversial activist Archibald Abernathy has stirred up the hornets’ nest in regard to the growing accounts of a shadowy black ops group popping up all over the world, Abernathy had this to say.


“These Vigilantes have been using our hard earn tax dollars to take our rights away! First a giant meteor hits the city of Bludhaven, and then a giant secret base is uncovered? When the &^%$ was that built? Sounds like some top secret CIA bullshit to me, a cover up ladies and gents, the government is so scared of the devastator  non-sense, we have given our trust to these maniacs, how can they protect us,  they can’t even protect themselves. The time for secrecy is over, it time for the government to reveal who these “black wings’ are, before they take away everything they hold dear.


Abernathy has been getting quite a bit of the spotlight; Lex Luthor put his two cents on by sending his security team to a black wing sighting, the power suits were shut down by some form of advanced EMP blast and soldiers were blasted with pepper spray, we have not been able to get an interview with Luthor since the incident.

The President of the United States issued a stamen earlier today on the matter, downplaying the allegations against the government.


created at: 05/01/2012

 "The United States Government has never on  any occasion outsourced the safety pf these united states. As we speak a task force is being gathered to hunt these men down and secure this nations safety and autonomy forever.”


Are these men a threat, do we really have to fear them, what makes then different from any other group, these are the questions we must ask ourselves, but I will say that I for one feel much safer with these blackwings on watch.