Brother Donovan, Year Two

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Sinai Reborn

With the invention of the replicator, advances in Robotics, and nanotechnology , the company that Donovan almost lost rose from the ashes as the authority is interstellar research,  and technology that benefitted off of mankind. Donovan also made give much of his money and tech, to help dissolve poverty almost entirely, with the replicators running off little electricity, a family could turn two bills into one, and light and feed their families on the same dollar.

Such strives for equality did not go unchecked; Donovans apartment was raided no less than twelve times by people in search of his schematics and ideas, many of which could be used as weapons, something Donovan was against completely. All of his blue prints were saved in his ring database, but Donovan needed to a place he knew his daughter and himself could be safe.  Enlisting the help of Lantern Stewart once again, plans were drawn up for Sinai Tower, a hundred forty two story office building/ fortress.

If he was not out on a mission as a lantern Donovan was in Gotham designing  the security system for his new home,  with more and more violent acts be perpetrated, he became obsessed with it.  This and the recent invasion of darksied and the Alruns led to the conclusion that the world could not protect itself, if with all the heroes; everyone bickered with each other, fighting for selfish goals, all the while the helpless were being prayed on.  Donovan along with Bruce Wayne, contacted many of the owner s of the world’s most recognizable companies. They all agreed a group needed to be put in place that was outside the influence of a mask and cape, and above the corruption of government. Project Valkyrie was born, the compound built directly under Sinai and Wane Tower.

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With the opening of Sinai Tower, the world saw a beacon of generosity and hope erected in Gotham, but below the ever watchful valkyrie was on the move, investigating any supernatural of un explained happing in the world.

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Over Load

After almost six months of erratic pain, it became clear the wearing two power rings was having adverse effects on Donovan’s body and mind. Turning t those that knew the ring best, Donovan returned to Oa, there they told him that the human body was just not made to bear so much power for so long, and that if he did not find a solution soon, he would likely die.

Seeking the council of Saint Walker, Donovan travels of Odym, home of the now fully decorated Temple of Adara. It concerned to Walker to see one of his most promising students so distraught, he offered one way to perhaps balance the power inside of him, to contact Adara herself through deep meditation.

  Through great effort the ritual was a success, but Adara did into tell him much, she only telling him “There is a great power inside of you my brother, but for as long as you try to contain it you will know no peace.”  Donovan became a recluse; he would not endanger his friends or family while his powers were unstable, in the vast darkness far from sector space he did exactly what Adara suggested, he released his power, this would leave him in a state of constant pain, it was here in the void where Donovan would stay for over two months trying desperately to control the power which was bestowed on him.


The Reach

During the Absence of Brother Donovan the Blue Lantern Corps lived in relative peace, even bolstering their numbers, Odym became a Legend of the universe, a planet that only a lantern could find, a paradise away from the dark unforgiving back round. Brother Ug’hor the former student of Brother Donovan has now been given his own sector and own recruit to train, during a routine patrol he comes across a probe scanning the area, with the recent arrival of the Hope hunters, every lead must be investigated. Flying close to the probe Ug’hor is trapped in a energy fold that transports him to another plane.

On the other side Ug’hor must quickly hide as he is quickly transported in the middle of a massive armada. Infiltrating one of the ships he is able to uncover the armada is that of the Reach, a new species that goes from planet to planet invading as they go.  As he continues to investigate it is clear they intend to invade Odym, whose energy signature leaves an impression even in another universe.


Ug’hor makes it home safely but he is too late, as the invasion has already begun with three huge harvester ships now appearing in orbit over Odym,  The battle quickly goes ill as the peaceful Blue Lantern are no match for the ravenous hunger of the Reach. Saint Walker leads is corps onward in the battle, never giving up hope. With contact with Oa jammed the Blue Lanterns were in this fight alone, Ug’hor was sent to enlist the help of the other corps, having precious little time to do  so he  convinced sinestro and fatality and atrocitus, that if they did not aid them , they soon would be next. Impressed by his bravery   teams of lanterns from each of the corps were sent to Odym to help in the battle.

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Meanwhile in uncharted space,  Brother Donovan continues  his task of removing the blocks he subliminally put up to control his power, the ordeal is painful as the blocks are made up of memories,  some extremely hard to visit, such as the death of his wife, it becomes clear to him that this is the memory that is causing him  problems .

Donovan had never come to terms with the death of his wife; he was so quickly scooped up by the Blue Lantern Corps and taught to never be angry that he never truly faced the fact that she was gone. The Pain and anger filled him for the first time in three years, and there was nowhere to run.

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Back on Odym the battle raged on, even with the help of the corps it seemed like the Reach would never stop pouring out of the portal they had erected over the city. Over head the mother ship of the reach can be seen coming through the portal, the massive ship launches an orbital bombardment of the entire planet, when it attempts to shoot the battlefield it is Ug’hor who uses his new found hope to create a giant shield.  The amount of hope the young lantern gave off rouses the spirit of Adara who lay dormant in the power battery. She uses her influence to call Donovan back to Odym, now free of his red impurity, she is able to use him as a host, Adara then uses her almost limitless power to force the reach back into the portal form where they came. Before releasing his body Adara tells Saint Walker that the Blue lanterns can no longer afford to stand on the sidelines, if they wish to gain the peace that they seek, then they must fight for it.

Donovan awakes possessing fleeting images of what just happened, but the pain that he once suffered has lessened considerably, he comes to terms with the fact that for as long as he posses both rings we will be in constant pain, something that can be softened  with meditation.


Saint Walker and Brother Donovan being some of the few lanterns that can create constructs agree that Corps must learn to protect itself; together they access the main power battery and uncover a fight style created by Adar herself, after this knowledge is transferred to the rings, and the entire corps is recalled to Odym to begin training.


The Blue Warriors


 As the lanterns have spent four months secluded on their planet they finally return to sector space, Brother Donovan and Brother Ug’Hor find themselves captured on the infamous Hardcore Station; there they face an unfair trial by corrupt corporations and the outlaws in their employ, The Duo are quiet through the entire trial as they are being represented by Nostromo a lawyer and most likely the only just man on the station at the time. The duo continues their motionless silence as they are accused of being vigilantes and murderers. As the argument continue more and more people rally to the defense of Donovan and Ug’hor, a riot ensues as the people supporting them fight to free them, and take back the control of the station by force.

Once the station was back in the control of the rightful owners, Donovan Finally speaks, they had been drawn here by the hope being emitted by Nostromo, and his tireless efforts to prove their innocence only cemented their believe that he would be  a welcome addition to the Blue Lantern Corps. Nostromo asks them why he should go with them, with a universe as evil as it is, Donovan reminds him that himself and Ug’hor freed them and returned the station from the clutches of villainy without even making a single construct. Nostromo travels with them to Odym to begin his training.

created at: 08/31/2012



 Being gone for almost a year Donovan returns to earth to find his company blossoming and his daughter graduating from high school. Mush to his protest she decides to turn down the free ride to Gotham U, to a Collage with Virgil in Empire City. It is through the guidance of Zero and a night of drinking that he decides it’s the best thing for her to do. Now more than ever Donovan would be needed all over the galaxy and weather he liked it or not, he knew Virgil would keep her safe, out of love, if not the sheer fear of Donovan would suffice.


Accompanied by Zero Donovan went to the graduation of Virgil and Bianca, it was at this moment that Bianca was a women and she had every right to follow her dreams and her heart. After the revelation Donovan was able to take part in the festivities, even dragging Zero in a picture or two.

During the graduation party at Sinai Tower, Zero expressed his concern in regards to the disappearance of Black Scarab. Donovan would do what he could to try and find him, but if he was with Black Adam they might not want to find him.

During the party Donovan was introduced to Sahiba Lavanya, the daughter of a Raj in India, it was clear that this was a set up by his concerned daughter as she had created the guest list, but thanks to the intervention of Adara months before, he was able to let go of the memory of his wife, and truly enjoy this women’s company.


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