The Decree Of Adara

created at: 09/30/2012

Upon the near destruction of our home world and central power battery, the elder members of the blue lantern corps have seen fit to set forth a list of principles, to better ensure the corps survival and to better prepare all brothers and sisters for the trails they will face as one of us, this document will henceforth be known as The Decree Of Adara

  1. The location of Odym shall remain a secret unless otherwise directed by the Corps elders or the guardians themselves.
  2. To protect the hope of the universe to whatever end, even if it means your death.
  3. Noninterference with a planet's culture, political structure, or its population's collective will. As lanterns this poses a particular problem, or presence alone can inspire a person of nation to great things, but also terrible things, asa blue lantern you must know when you time in an area is up.
  4. The recognition and understanding of the fact that each of us are infected with the red impurity, and to not try to fight its pull, but to face it.
  5. Showing respect for and cooperating with the other Corps, this is our universe, and we must all fight to protect it.
  6. As Blue lanterns those swayed by the yellow and Red impurity are particularly vulnerable to us, it is our duty to protect these sentient beings from themselves.
  7. Lethal Force is not authorized unless the target poses a significant threat to the life and hope of others, not your own.
  8. Each new Corp recruit is to be chosen by the last, and taken before the Alter of Adara for their first meditation.
  9. To better spread the gift of hope, a monastery shall be built in each sector patrolled by our brethren; this will encourage sentient life to never give up hope, a home for the lost and the forlorn, and will greatly increase our chances of finding future brothers and sisters.
  10. You are a Blue lantern, and a direct line to Adara, she is always with you.