Brother Donovan, Year Three

The Battle for Earth


The Blue lantern Corps now has fifteen full lanterns; training for the better part of the year has left the entire corps tired, but at the same time ready to take up their place in the universe. After a weeks worth of rest and meditation, Brother Donovan leads the first wave of Blue lanterns in the battle over the Sinestro’s pleasure planet, the battered green lanterns found new strength when the Blue warriors entered the fray, and together they left Sinestro’s advance at a stand still.


Now full aware of their new enemy, Sinestro’s forces retreat into an uncharted area of sector space, to plan their next attack. The blue and green lanterns rejoice, all except for brother Donovan and Hal Jordan, they know full well Sinestro will not take the defeat lightly, and his next attack will surly be a hammer stroke directly on their hearts.


Over the next few months the Blue lanterns are spread as thinas possible, acting as the medics and standard bearers of the Guardians, while still effective the war began to come to a stalemate. In secret Sinestro enlisted the might of Cyborg Superman, a terrible foe to that knew of him.


Once word reached the Corp elders and the Green lantern honor guard, they took it upon themselves to take this menace head on; this illustrious group of lanterns found Cyborg Superman and engaged him. The battle was long, but their collective power was not enough to defeat him, instead they created a portal and banished Cyborg Superman to a universe of pure darkness.


Once they returned to sites of battles all across the universe it was clear they had been tricked, Sinestro had no intention of either force defeating the other, but he needed the younger members of each corps left alone, and without leadership. With his plan well underway, Sinestro killed hundreds of green lanterns; with their allies slain the younger blue lanterns retreated back to their homeward.


Both Corps are called to Oa by the guardians, they tell the lanterns that too many of them have died already and that the rules in the book of Oa are to be rewritten, they authorize the use of lethal force against any Sinestro member or anyone who would pose a threat to the universe, As the green lanterns cheer the Blue lanterns are dead silent, what was just said goes against everything they stand for, and everything the guardians created them to protect.


A corps wide meeting is called back on Odym, with the elders and the entire corps in full agreement, a decree of laws is created, these hold true to the former rules sent down by the guardians, No blue lanterns was to take life if they could help it, and should it come to it, be ready to give their own life to protect hope.


With a renewed faith and purpose, the blue lanterns make their way back into the war of light. For four months they fought for peace in the universe, until their was one more battle to be fought, the battle that Brother Donovan had foreseen, theBattlefor earth.



From the surface the lights of the battle seemed almost beautiful, Brother Donovan knew that it was likely that he would not survive, therefore he took his daughter to his friend and former partner Zero, he tells him that the battle about to be fought as foretold millennia before, he was to keep his daughter safe no matter what, and that she would need to be trained, her involvement with so many heroes made that unavoidable. After a tearful goodbye to his daughter and friend, he turned his attention to fiancé who was seeing him with his rings on for the first time, he apologizes for lying to her, and that he should have married her a year ago. Asking for one last thing from his friends and family he asks them to walk with him outside as he needs their strength right now, as the walk out onto the street and look up, they see the battle raging on just in hear shot to hear the explosions of the many lanterns and other heroes from earth fighting once again fro their planet’s survival, as they watch they are slowly joined by the rest of the blue lantern corps, Saint Walker arrives  smiling and telling the Corps that is time to do their duty.


The Corps forms a circle with Saint walker in the middle who begins to go through the centering technique taught to all of them by Adara herself, as they slowly begin to chant the oath of the blue lantern the In entire corps begins to rise, the lanterns outside hold hands and begin to spin around Saint Walker, as they break the outer atmosphere, they are spinning so fast that you can see none but Walker. Soon their combined power forms a blue and green orb directly in the middle of the battle, as it expands those joined to red and yellow rings are separated from them, they are each saved and detained by the green lanterns in the area.

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With a terrible blow dealt to the red and yellow ring bearers they scatter to fight another day. The blue lanterns all knocked unconscious from the ordeal are transported to the Blue Power monastery located high in the mountains ofTibet.

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One Ill Turn…


The aftermath of the battle for earth was a political nightmare; Lex Luthor used this to attack the credibility of having lanterns on earth period, launching a smear campaign he portrayed both corps as lawless vigilante’s run by dictators billions of miles away, it was not in the nature of a blue lantern to concern themselves with the workings of a planet so they stayed silent, they now answered only to the hope of the universe, and as such cared not for the accusations of a madman.


When he realized his ad were not enough to incite violence, Luthor revealed the location the blue lantern monastery, saying it was a training ground for terrorists, many took notice and made their way to the remote temple, but not to destroy it, but to join its ranks, they had seen what the lanterns did for the entire planet and finally recognize to true power of hope, not a religion but was an ideal that they should protect.


With his imprisonment in the science cells still fresh in his mind, Luthor knew better to take the lanterns head on, so paid a terrorist cell to blow up the monastery. The plan was well underway, until the men looked upon the hundreds of women and children, orphans, and outcasts that had made the cleansing climb up to the site, there was not hate there, and no religions upheaval as each had the right to practice their own faith, they only agreed to pray that the millions below may one day make the climb themselves. Their heart not in their task men threw away their arms and joined the monastery themselves.



The Search…


Saint Walker contacts Brother Donovan telling him of a vision, a new brother or sister is located on Earth, and is likely on the children already training at the monastery,. One by one Donovan spoke to each of the children, asking each of them a simple question, “why are you here.” Many gave brave answers, but none were the child that Saint Walker spoke of, still Brother Donovan did not give up.


On the fifth day of his search, a young girl was brought to him; he asked her the same question, “Why are you here?”  she looked at him with a tear in here eye and told her story, she was kidnapped in her home town by a man, at first she was filled with nothing but anger for the person who kept her from her family, but as she continued to hope for realize she finally realized that her anger clouded her vision and thus was the true captor, her kidnapper fell ill and the girl saved his life, forgiving him for what he had done to her. It was him who paid for her ticket to get toTibet, and here she stood. When Donovan closed his eyes he could see nothing from her but a blinding blue light, the sign that she was to be one of them, “Nicole Morrison, you have great hope inside your heart, welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps.” Donovan handed over her power ring, and began her basic training before she sent her to Odym to be trained by the rest of the elders.

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The fall of Brother Shon…


Brother Shon was present during the invasion of the reach,  a newly appointed brother, he fought bravely to the end, even through the war of light, he was sent to earth to collect Recruit Nicole, but the moment Donovan was near he knew there was something wrong, confronting him Shon revealed seeds of doubt in his ring and in himself.

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Donovan decided to have both Nicole and Shon take the test of endurance together, a hard spiritual journey that only true lanterns could survive. Brought on by mediation the two lanterns went through trail after trial, each depicting a no win scenario, some more personal than others, Recruit Nicole made it through showing the promise of becoming a great Sister of the Corps, Shon however lost all hope when he witnessed the death of his family, immediately his ring separated from him, informing brother Donovan that it would return to sector 11 to find a new bearer. Before transporting him back to his home planet, Donovan said one last thing to Shon. “Brother Shonn you have lost hope, if you can not believe in your own self…no one will.” It was a hard but true lesson for Recruit Nicole to witness, but one that she needed to see.