Temple Log 001



created at: 09/30/2012 


I feel trapped in my own temple, Brother Donovan says that I have a great power within me yet he seldom lets me leave the solar system, I am stuck here while he answers the emergencies of his sector. He tells me that my work here is important; the young children here are my responsibility, a funny notion as most of them are barely younger than me.



The Entire temple was on edge, we all felt the fall of the batman, he was a pillar of fear and hope to have that disappear was earth shattering, The more sensitive of the children have been having nightmares ever since, I myself feel something in the air, I cant explain it any better than calling it destiny.


There are over two hundred children present on this mountain, ten of them have recently been revealed to process enough hope to wield the ring, I thought that was wonderful, but brother Donovan see this as a warning, he says that the entire universe is in a perfect balance, and that more lanterns can mean nothing else than more threats, he has not been the most encouraging sort lately.


I was contacted by my father by letter again today, I don’t know how he found where I was, I thought I was so careful…I will have to meditate on the situation, I sure don’t know what to do. But for now I’m going on my patrol of the planet, should be boring as always, but if one of those green lanterns calls me a tween one more time I swear I will  kick their buts all the way to Oa.