Temple Log 002

The most wonderful things have been happening lately, I met other heroes yesterday, heroes that do not posses a power ring, most of them I had never heard of but some were familiar like superman and a Batman knock off, Brother Donovan was born in Gotham, he says the world will always need the batman, I’m not so sure, the world is not that far gone…not yet.



Brother Donovan returned late last night, he was quite cross with me regarding me joining a superhero team up, but the way he was talking I think he was more pissed at superman, it was his idea after all, Donovan went to talk to him this morning, I don’t know what has been said but he is still holding to the fact that I am too young to carry such a burden. I love Brother Donovan, he has been my father for many a year, he protected me and the other children when the entire world turned a blind eye to our pain, I do not want to disobey him, but I feel the ring choose me for a reason, and if he wont tell me why he is so afraid of me fighting. He is hiding something.



I spent most of the day training the children in defense exercises, they are becoming quite the little group, most of them grew up here, they trust each other, and they can anticipate each other. They will surely become the beacons of hope on earth that they are meant to become. The older ones have become our protectors, because they believe in the greater good so much they have somehow tapped into the spectrum on a mental level, they are stronger and faster than any person I’ve seen without a ring, watching them is like following smoke in the air.



I think he has noticed how disappointed I’ve been, he has been much more forgiving these past few days, so much that Donovan has promised to take me to The Temple of Adara on Odym, I have never seen it but the other lanterns say it is the most peaceful building in the entire universe, he really is pulling gout all the stops to keep me in line, ill give him that much.