First Dynasty Timeline

Here is the account and histories of house Stormbow, rightful heirs to the throne of the eternal city, sons and dauters of the Archpaladin.


TFD~ The First Dynasty




12 TFD 


Darius the Conqueror begins the campaign to eradicate the orcs in the Terrek Lowlands, this is the day many people believed Raemia became an expanding empire. The siege of the low lands lasted for two years before the orcs finally were eradicated, thousands of Orcs are killed, and driven into the sea under the jagged maw, The lowlands themselves are litter with the bodies of Raemian and Orc alike, and the passage is forever more called the orcbane lowlands. The Orcs will never fully recover from this defeat.



15 TFD


The beginning of the great peace,with theislandof Raemiapurged of darkness, the people begin to grow and build. The Capitol city ofRaemiais founded in theNorth Weststretch of the island, it is named Celestia after the home realm of there god and father Heironeous.



35 TFD


The High elves cross the Blue sea and begin a relationship with Darius I. They teach the Raemians to unlock the power in their blood, and as a result they two people become great allies.


40 TFD


Tavian I is born.



62 TFD


A Dark fleet from the south arrives, landing on the unguarded shores of the high elves land, The high elves call for the aid of Raemia, Darius the Conqueror and his son Tavian, lead 50 thousand solders across the sea, in an attempt to flank the invaders. This plan is foiled by a ancient black dragon under the control of the invaders, Darius can hold his own against any army but the dragon proves to be his match, he is killed protecting the queen of the high elves Mirel. With both the Raemians and the high elves cut to ribbons, Tavian as a last effort prays to their all father Heironeous for help, for his faith he is given a mighty bow, Tavian losses one arrow and all the fury of the sky come down on the dragon killing it, Tavian would earn the name Stormbow, and even in exile it is a name uttered I honor of true faith.



Darius the Conqueror is buried in the diamond crypts and a statue in his likeness is the first erected in the Hall of honor, Tavian Stormbow being his eldest son take over leadership of the kingdom. Seeing that the Raemians kept their word King Curonor unites the people even further by allowing Tavian Stormbow to marry his daughter Princes Tiana.



70 TFD


Tavian continues his fathers work and the realm flourishes under his rule, he continues to learn the art of magic from his wife. She instructs him on the taming of magical animals. While on a ride though the plains of the orcbane lowlands, Tavian finds a mighty creature, which would be named the Pegasus. The breeding of pegasi becomes one of Raemia’s defining features.



72 TFD


The First son of King Tavian Stormbow and Queen Tiana is born. Crossing the line of Heironeous with the blood of Corellon, this union is where every other King there after traced his linage from.




102 TFD


The ‘invaders’ are once again seen in by merchants to distant shores, Tiana  see towers of Raemian make burning in her dreams, Tavain Stormbow prepares his people for war, Prince Falco rides with him, under the tutelage of the high mages of the elves, he is destined to become the greatest sorcerer in the history of  La’carsha.



115 TFD


It is revealed that the ‘invaders are the sons of Hextor, who seek to honor their all father with the fall of Hextor itself. The Siege of the Grace has begun. The war lasts for over a hundred years, with on and off gain skirmishes on both sides; the island of Raemiais never taken.



200 TFD


 The final defeat endured by the sons of Hextor occurred on the southern shore of Raemia near the city of Elysuim, Tavian Stormbow leads the falcon guard into battle, Tavian is victorious killing the enemy captain himself, the cative sounds of Hextor are returned to their masters after they bowed to him on the shore, they would never be allowed into the sacred city



212 TFD


Sourly beaten Ackcreas the Vile, Lord Commander of the host of Hextor turns to more evil ends, he sells his soul to his master, and in return Raemia will fall. Using his newly acquired skills in the black arts he summons the black dragon from the first war of Hextor, now known as the black gaunt dragon Xicotil. The dragon terrorizes the entire island, even destroying the bastion, the great fortress guarding the Jagged Maw. Tavian Stormbow challenges the beats himself much to the protest of his queen and his seven sons, the only one to stand with his was Falco his heir.


Tracking the dragon to its lair on a island off the coast of Raemia the brave men attack, the battle can be seen from every island and from every city, it blow sounded as if the world itself would  be torn. The battle ended in a grand pillar of light that shattered the island itself. Tavian and his son live to tell the tail, but both have been drained from the battle.



234 TFD


 Prince Falco attempts to claim the jagged Maw once again, but he flees finding it is infested by more than just Orcs, the land is proclaimed soured and all are forbidden to enter. Dark things creep back into the plains of Raemia.



400 TFD


The Eteral city is cut of, and but the magic of the queen is hidden deep within the Raemian Jungle.


Dwarf merchants arrive in La’carsha bringing humans as servants with them.



673 TFD

Tavian Stormbow, Bane Of Dragons dies of old age in the eternal city, Prince Falco appointed King of Raemia.






1000 TFD  


King Falco treats with the dwarves, trading them magical items for precious stones and metals.


1001 TFD

King Falco disappears, this sends the realm into a period of a civil war, while the eternal city would endure, and the Raemian army is all but devastated.



1005 TFD


Acting quickly the sons of Hextor, decend upon the island, killing and raping as they went, The Falcon knights do their best to hide the great relics of their peoples past, but many including the bow of Tavian Thunderbow are lost.


1006 TFD

Raemian slaves become a hot commodity, people bread to lead being forced to serve. So ends the first Dynasty.