The Iron Reign

The Account of the Iron Reign the most recent of the histories of  La’carsha




1 IR   The Last free city of Raemia the Bastion the ancientFortressMountain is discovered deep within the Meadowfall by the Dwarve kings.


King Carl Giltterwold makes a deal, that if the Raemians allow then to mine the mithril under the mountain, that they would not reveal their presence. Shattered and without their king, the Raemians agree.



10 I.R.   The Dwarves of Godspear become the richest faction in La’carsha.



 15 I.R. Elysium the harbor city of the Raemian mainland is officially claimed by theIron Circle, giving them safe passage on land to bypass theSea ofMalice.



20 I.R. Orcs are once again seen near the jagged maw, though very small in numbers The Iron circle see them as a threat, they are quickly rounded up and slaughtered, the fires of their bodies can been seen from both of the neighboring islands.



200 I.R. The Mines under the Bastion run out of Mithril, the dwarves leave the hidden vale of Raemia.


325 I.R. TheIron Circle crosses the sea of malice; still afraid of the power of the elves they only target the prosperous dwarf town at the foot of the mountains.


330 I.R.  The legion of theIron Circle reaches Gosspear the capitol of the Dwarves


430 I.R.  Godspear is besieged for a hundred years and does not fall, yet the dwarves are denied access to vital trade routes, their greed would seal the fate for many.


The dwarves made a blood pact with the iron circle, that if they would never again step for on their lands or jeopardize their trade they would give them the last of the Raemians.



565 I.R. The Iron Circle crosses the straits of Corellon and begins their tireless search for Raemia on the southern coast ofMeadowfall. Unable to pierce the deep magic of the Raemians theIron Circle calls upon deep magic of their own. For the third time Dradl the now Ancient Guantdragon is summoned from the netherworld, with no Thunderbow nad a King to wield it the Raemians have no chance.

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566 I.R. Draal sucks the life force of most of the island, in doing so he restores his own life, what is left would now be called the Bleaklands, or the plains of nothingness.


600 I.R. The bastion is Taken as the new Capitol, thousands of slaves are forced to build a great wall around the mountain.


899 I.R.  The Siege of Cael-Sii the last free city in La’carsha begins. The city itself is protected by wards placed on it battlements after Draal and the invaders first attacked so long ago, The war would go on.




1200 I.R.  The enchanted battlements held fro over three hundred years of continuous siege, till at last the Iron circle recruited the best necromancers from the shattered isles, these men raised the dead from both armies and marched them through the wards. An idea given by the Elf Prince Calren, the City is taken.