After Action #1: The Falcon King

As flame begins to pepper the horizon to the south prince Valrus is called to his fathers’ throne to speak at length of the recent seeds of rebellion sowed by the gods themselves.(This coversation happens after the sack of Drall's Perch)



“You sent for me father…” Valrus spoke as he bowed for before the dark throne of the king. “How many escaped during the siege of the dragons Valrus….”

created at: 06/10/2013



“Five my lord…one was your bastard son, another Aerath of house Alremain, a Raemian healer there was also among them, a wood elf from the elderwood, and a man sold into slavery by his own father.



“So what you’re telling me is, two of the issue of my greatest enemies have just escaped and are on a mission to take the throne…”


“That is not the case father, they are little more than rabble, they could do not harm to the realm.”



“Is that so? Then why have I a letter in my hand telling me the perch of Drall was attacked and now seven hundred Raemians hide in the desert…Do you know how I defeated the line of Darius Valrus…it was not through strength of arms, it was not by some act of treachery, I let them rot behind their enchanted walls, for two thousand years you couldn’t tremble without hearing the name Tavian of Tiana, I let them rot in the one thing that can kill mortal and gods alike….arrogance. Before they knew it the realm had lost confidence in their intentions, their leadership. Factions arouse inside the kingdom, and the light of the thundergod never kissed the sky again. But now the spark has been relit."



“Father the Raemians are nothing, they will never—“


“Never what! Sit in a seat of power again? You think they will just fade away like the elderkings? They are the sons and daughters of Hieroneous, it is in their blood to do great things, as it is in ours to rule, you call them weak yet there is one among them, they call him the Falcon King,

created at: 06/10/2013



they call him the line unbroken, he has obliterated three of our fortresses already, what do you think will happen if he joins forces with your fugitives? Find them Vulrus, rip the skin off their bones and leave them in the sun for all to see, force them to be heroes, murder anything they love, drown them in pain.”




“Yes father, it will be done.”