Fleshing out the Zweihander



Sword-class Frigate


Space: 40

SP: 40


Machine Spirit Oddity: Adventurous


Past History: Temperamental Warp Engine


Essential Components


Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive, 45 Power, Space 10


Strelov 1 Warp Engine, -10 Power, Space 10


Warpsbane Hull, -1 Power, Space 0, +2 SP


Single Void Shield Array, -5 Power, Space 1


Ship Master's Bridge, -4 Power, Space 3


Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, -4 Power, Space 2


Voidsman Quarters, -1 Power, Space 3


Mark-100 Auger Array, -3 Power, Space 0


Supplemental Components


Mars Pattern Macrocannons, -4 Power, -2 Space, -1 SP


Thunderstrike Macrocannons, -2 Power, -2 Space, -1 SP


Compartmentalized Cargo Hold, -2 Power, -5 Space, -1 SP


Librarium, -1 Power, -1 Space, -1 SP


Observation Dome, -0 Power, -1 Space, -1 SP


Power Used: 37 Power

Space Used: 40 Space

SP: 17

The most important tool of a Rogue Trader is perhaps the ship he commands. Above is the barebones stats of the ship we have made. I'm currently writing a background for the ship and adding some notable locations, and crew mates for the ship. I however cannot do this fully without knowing what it is that your characters do on the ship when on duty. I was hoping you guys can give me a small description on what your character does on the ship. This only needs to be about a paragraph long and doesn't mean the same thing as your characters background/history. Also if there are members of the crew that you have an ideal for and that your characters interact with on a daily basis then I would love to hear those as well.