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Shannon Mac Killed Me And All I Got Was This Crummy Achievement Completed "Here Be Dragons" Searcher Series 1 Shannon Mac Style Completed "Nine Fingers" Part 2 of the Searcher Series Shannon Mac Style Monster at Heart Dungeon World, baby! Monster Hunter! Avengers: A Day Like No Other Thank God for the Apocalypse Horse Puncher Don't Rest Your Head True Love Never Dies... Wolves at the Gate Incubus Dreams Veteran Monster Slayer Trials of the Time Lord Dockside Dogs You IS dead (Dockside Dogs Style) Song and Sorrow A Walk in the Shadows Bug Hunter Tragically Delicious Bloody Kisses Boys Will be Boys Forbidden Love Monsterheartless Bringing home the BACON LIKE A BOSS Go Ahead, Punk, Make My Day. Guinea Pig One Less Ghost I Play Guys When I Damn Well Want To! Dracula's Doom Perilous Worlds RIGHT IN THE FEELS Awesome GM Award KAP Completion Heartbreaking romance A glorious death Completed "Before You Were Wardens" Negotiating is hard work Ripper! Shadow Force Alumnae Seven Years Good Luck On the Cloud The Black Chip, The Blessed Black Chip Ethandun

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Michael Garcia : Authored achievements

Wtf girl photo electric
Do a sex move in a Michael Garcia's Apocalypse World game.

Here be Angels

6 winners

Completed Michael Garcia's The Angels of Salvation.
Victorian gentleman by hever

I have no son...

1 winner

This one time only achievment is for making an incredible and unexpected  choice in Michael Garcia's The Whitechapel Fiend.
Sad businessman
Completed Michael Garcia's Don't Rest Your Head game "The Tower"
This player had an epic showdown with Death herself. Achievement for Michael Garcia's Don't Rest Your Head game "The Tower"
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Perform a sex move on Belle Sentenza...or murder her...or both, you sick f*ck.  
 o  gamzee gif by lifeinclover d4zz1gh
Do a sex move on Gamzee, the Minstrel of Mirth... or murder him...or both. It's all gooood. :o)  

Volatile Times

4 winners

Completed the Bull's Junction story arch of The Angels of Salvations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVGh3vgITbs
3814417 o
When the universe was in peril you rose to the challenge and played the Doctor to save us all.
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All of time and space on your doorstep when you travel with the Doctor. Thank you for playing my Doctor Who game, it's been a blast. Micheal Garcia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzEvrPtJ68Y
Gary oldman professional 1221203771
There are two type of people in this world. Those who feel the pang of guilt when they shoot an unarmed man and those that say, "You should of been armed when I came to kill you." You sir are in the latter category.
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To Bodly Go...

8 winners

For the completion of Exodus: Fate Amoungst the Stars. May you enjoy the sunrise on whatever world you now stand on.
Jack the ripper
You have confronted Jack the Ripper and completed Dont Rest Your Head: The Whitechapel Fiend. The Mad City will never be the same.

Tempus Fugit

1 winner

You struck a bargain. You took the key. Now you must bring order from chaos, for all enternity.

Viva Las Vegas!

6 winners

You've doubled down and hit the jackpot! Congratulations, you have completed Micheal Garcia's Live Freeside or Die: A Fallout New Vegas Game. End Credits Theme
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"Do not worry, I know who will bring the proper amount of crazy." The sun has risen and the smoke has cleared. The Super Best Friends Forever Teenage Slumber Party has ended, but the memories shall never fade.  
The last unicorn

The Last Unicorn

4 winners

Your name is a golden bell hung in my heart. I would break my body to pieces to call you once by your name.
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All in

10 winners

You played The House Always Wins and whether you won the Tournament or lost you made your mark on New Vegas "The commonest mistake in history is underestimating your opponent; it happens at the poker table all the time.  ~David Shoup"
The%20lonely%20island%20 %203 way%20(the%20golden%20rule)


7 winners

It's the Golden Rule... Have three sex moves go off at the same time in a Monsterhearts game...awesome.
Fcel mini%20bus%20interior full

Field Trip!

8 winners

Thank you for playing an awesome game of extracuricalar hijinxs that ended in blood, sex, and tears. "Ya know I'm sexy as hell."
To Raven Take care of our mutal friend. I couldn't ask for anyone better suited to watch his back.  The Batman  
Dryh   city that never sleeps
You thought it was just a myth. A fabled place only whispered by the wretched few who claimed to be there. Now, that  you know better, what did you learn? Was it that Death has a face, and or that Time marches to the turning of gears? Did you realize the Wax always remembers what you have lost and forgotten, while everything has price if you can stick a pin in it? OR...did you realize a darker truth? Like an old wound reopening, the Mad City is always ready to show you what lies just beneath the surface.  
When the GM masterminds of Infrno put their heads together no good can come of it for the players. You shall look upon our works and despair! An award for the participation in the Infrno GM Conference!

For all mankind...

15 winners

Awarded to those that have completed Apocalypse World: Drive-Thru Armageddon and have saved the newborn.
Keep it together. You can't break down now. Oh no. No. It's happening :..( Given to GMs that break hearts and hit you where it hurts.   THE FEELS
Flame by amaryliz
I Hold With Those That Favor Fire
Dead inside
Congratulations, you have survived Michael Garcia's The Walking Undead even if you character didn't.
Achievement the long orbit

Orbital Decay

4 winners

You came a long way through space and time to a world not your own. There you learned who you truly were beneath your skin, hiding in the darkness. "It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane".
Awarded for the participations of the one-shot: Gotham City Sirens.
  A penny for your throughts In return for what's lost where sanity imprisons and madness is freedom and the past is all  you got   (This goes out to the players of A Penny for You Head: a hybrid of a Penny for Your Thoughts and Don't Rest Your Head, where the feels is not an organ, but a country to be explored)


1 winner

For those who have endured the most specatucular of heartbreaks in a RPG. God bless you. "I didn't see this one coming, now I'm in too deep I think I'll just keep swimming down, down, down There's no point in trying to reach dry ground... I'm drowned" -Tim Minichn Drowned
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For playing a game of Golden Sky Stories: My Neighbor the Henge and for bringing joy to the game table. "You may not know what it means to be human, but as long as your heart is in the right place, you will always persevere."