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Shannon Mac Killed Me And All I Got Was This Crummy Achievement Completed "Here Be Dragons" Searcher Series 1 Shannon Mac Style Completed "Nine Fingers" Part 2 of the Searcher Series Shannon Mac Style Monster at Heart Dungeon World, baby! Monster Hunter! Avengers: A Day Like No Other Thank God for the Apocalypse Horse Puncher Don't Rest Your Head True Love Never Dies... Wolves at the Gate Incubus Dreams Veteran Monster Slayer Trials of the Time Lord Dockside Dogs You IS dead (Dockside Dogs Style) Song and Sorrow A Walk in the Shadows Bug Hunter Tragically Delicious Bloody Kisses Boys Will be Boys Forbidden Love Monsterheartless Bringing home the BACON LIKE A BOSS Go Ahead, Punk, Make My Day. Guinea Pig One Less Ghost I Play Guys When I Damn Well Want To! Dracula's Doom Perilous Worlds RIGHT IN THE FEELS Awesome GM Award KAP Completion Heartbreaking romance A glorious death Completed "Before You Were Wardens" Negotiating is hard work Ripper! Shadow Force Alumnae Seven Years Good Luck On the Cloud The Black Chip, The Blessed Black Chip Ethandun

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