Once upon a time...


created at: 07/02/2013 Old Nathan (46)

"And so Libby went off with the fairy princess to live happily ever after."

 Nathan closed the journal and smiled at his daughter. The girl smiled back, her mop of red hair splayed about her pillow. She gave a massive yawn. God she looked so much like her.

"Did you ever see Aunt Libby again?" she asked as her daddy placed a kiss upon her forehead.

"Yes, she did come back. Three times, in fact. One of those times she met your mother who she loves very much."

"Daddy, do you think she'll love me?"

Nathan grinned, "Oh Libby, she's your fairy godmother, of course she loves you."

Libby smiled at that and then drifted off to sleep. Nathan watched his daughter for another minute before leaving the room to turn in for the night.

He showered, put on his pajamas, and was brushing his teeth when he saw his sister in the mirror. The mage wasn't shocked as a long career in necromancy and a short career in supernatural politics made the weird a little more mundane. He rinsed out his mouth and spat, and then matched his sister's gaze.


created at: 07/02/2013Libby, hasn't aged a day since she left.

"How long has it been, little brother?"

He cocked his head as he sorted through the past, "Hm, about eight years now. You were at our wedding."

Libby looked a little distressed, "Oh Nathan, time really travels so strangely here. You've got so many gray hairs now..."

Nathan smiled wanly ignoring the unintentional dig at his age, "And you look just the same as the day you left." He waved his hand dismissively, "Enough about your brother being an old fart, when are you actually going to come and see your niece."

Libby pondered for a moment, "Bee says the veil is going to thin as this Midsummer approaches. Looks like I've got a lot of missed birthdays to make up for."

"I'll hold you to that." said Nathan's wife. Faun  came into the bathroom and hooked an arm around her husband.


created at: 07/02/2013 The past eight years have been kind to Mrs. Bell

Nathan hugged his wife back, "So, you are still thinking of staying this time around? I have nice place here in hills; we set aside a room for you for when you come back."

Libby eyes widened, "Oh no! I couldn't!"

Faun never got crossed, but she was the master of what Nathan thought as the mommy chide: a rebuke that remained somehow sweet and loving, and yet, was impossible to argue with. A voice of someone you couldn't disagree with even if you wanted to. "Libby, your Nathan's sister. You are going to stay with us, at least until you find a place of your own. I don't want to hear anything but yes."

"Well... okay then." Libby then grinned, "So, my namesake, has she shown any..." with air quotes, "...'special talents'?"

"God, I hope not." Nathan tried not to wince as his wife pinched his love handle from behind... really hard too. He glanced at her direction, but she never lost the sweet look on her face, she was a pro.

"We won't know yet." Faun responded, "Not likely to know until she turns ten or twelve or maybe even later, if at all."

"Oh she's going to be special all right. I can see it in her aura when she brushes her teeth in the morning. The dreams still cling to her like dew on the morning grass."

"Good to know you are keeping your promise to watch over her." Nathan didn't like hearing that his daughter was a supernatural like him. The gift seemed to only darken his life, and once, it nearly killed him and his sister.

"What do you think Libby is going to be?" Faun was more eager to have supernatural child, downright exited, in fact, "Maybe a changer like me? Oh honey, she's going to look so cute as baby reindeer."


created at: 07/02/2013Faun's baby pictures

Nathan shook his head with dismay, but then saw the hopeful round eyes of his wife and his heart melted, "Yeah, she's pretty adorable already. It's going be a cute overload in that case"

Libby shook her head, "No not a changer." Her eyes grew distant as she peered through the veil where she could see things that no one else could see. "She's going to nesomething more. Something...wonderful."

A sharp sarcastic reply was bouncing around Nathan's head, but he wasn't going to say that to two of his favoirte people in the world so instead he said, "Then she is going to need her Godmother. Libby, it is going to be great to have you back and once you meet Lil'Lib, you are never going to want to return to your fairyland ever again."

Libby grinned from ear to ear, "Oh, are you sure about that? You've never been here. It's pretty great."

"Psssh, I met Bee. How great can it be?"

Libby's smile turned mischievous, "You know Nathan, you really shouldn't talk about her behind her back. Especially if you say her name while doing it. You don't want to cross her, trust me. Besides, she is coming with me...to stay. We are bound... forever."


created at: 07/02/2013All hail the queen.

Nathan's appeared as if he had swallowed a mouthful of castor oil. His face turned red with embarrassment and anger.

Faun looked at her husband with a mixture of compassion and amusement, "Awh, honey. It's been like...thirty years. Let it go."

He swallowed hard and his shame and anger went down with it... mostly, "Yeah, I guess I can deal. If she's good enough for my big sis, then she's good enough for me. In that case, tell her 'welcome home'."


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  • 02 Jul 14:00

    Sorry things went the way they went. I know how it feels to make a great character and look forward to their story and then have everything fall apart. I liked Bee, and I don't think she was a waste of time. Your investment in your characters is what makes them special and unique. Please, never let that go. Bee's betrayel was far from pointless. She got what she needed to get back to her homeland and she took Nathan's sister with her. Bee was great with her and can't think of a better ending. Their whole relationship was brief, bittersweet, and provided my character with some pathos. I liked how he was annoyed more than angry at first, and then got more and more upset as he came to the conclusion (not entirely true, mind you) that Bee used him. Is like the saying, better to of love and lost and then never loved at all. Now I can imagine an  46 year old Nathan meeting with an enternally youthful Bee as his sister-in-law. The wounds apparently never went away, which is pretty awesome.

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  • 02 Jul 11:38

    That's a nice vignette, Michael. I never would have had Bee betray you if I'd known it was all going to be pointless anyway. Haven't been this upset over a game in 10 years or more. Very frustrating. Glad you got a good story out of it. I probably should not have invested so much in a character for a short game. Trying to figure out how much more Monsterhearts I can take.


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