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created at: 10/07/2013Rogues in Rouge: The Bad Girls Take Gotham (working title): Jon had the courtesy to come up with this game idea, and it is stuck in my head: a game about a bunch of female DC super villians hitting the town and getting into nefarious adventures. It would be similiar to those bad ass girl's night out episodes from Batman: The Animated Series. Hariliquen, Posion Ivy, and Catwoman, would of course be the first three  playable characters. The tone would be light, and the violence would be kept nonlethal level. The party would likely end when YOU KNOW WHO comes to break up the fun. Likelihood you will see this game in Novemeber: low (but do not fear, this idea is too awesome to be left to the wayside)

Super-Girl's Birthday Bash!:The mirror reflection of Rogue's in Rouge and a sequel to the Superheroine Slumber Party. Batgirl, Starfire, Raven, return to throw a surprise party for their favorite Kryptonian heroine. However, a new threat emerges that endangers the girl of tomorrow and the city they have sworn to protect. Likehood this game will be run in November: moderate (It is almost practically written in my head)

Monsterhearts: Those That Favour Fire: You play a limited selection of teenage monsters that go on a feild trip to Washington DC, in the fall of 1986. Something then goes horribly wrong. Likliehood this game will be run in November (High: I need to playtesting this for a convention in December).



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  • 08 Oct 11:51

    Me, mememememememememe, and even facing the possibility of sounding egocentric, ME! XD

    Dibs on Poison Ivy and Zatanna <3

    Also, I have longed after a MH game set in the 80s <3

    I shall keep my eyes peeled on this ^^

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  • 07 Oct 23:21

    All of this sounds awesome!

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  • 07 Oct 20:51

    can i just play raven in both games?

    "What am I doing here?  Oh... I am evil this week."

  • 07 Oct 19:40

    I call Harley and Batgirl. :)  DIBS, Puddin'!

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