Pride of the Inquisition


created at: 11/24/2015

To Acolyte Kurovock and Nazalen,

Congratulations on your success against the Broodmother! Your daring plan has been the talk of the Skyhold and will likely be discussed throughout all of Thedas from the Fereldan taverns to the High Courts of Orlais for many years to come. Good show, you two! Once this ordeal is over, I would like the two of you tour Thedas regaling the public of your tales. I'm sure your achievements will bolster our ranks, and remind people why the Inquisition is still needed after the fall of Corypheus.

Might I ask, how did you come up with such a plan: luring a high dragon into a Broodmother's nest? By the maker, it was ingenious. We must chronicle what you did in full detail as it will one surely be remembered as one of the great stratagems of this age.

Furthermore, such heroics must be duely honored, so with great pleasure, and by the order the Inquisitor, I grant you Duri Koruvock the rank of Master Sergeant of Inquisition Forces and you, Nazalen, the rank of Captain and current leader of Inquisition forces in the Deep Roads. You have done us proud, and we look forward to your continued success against the Darkspawn. With soldiers like you, that archdemon doesn't stand a chance.

Your Proud Commander,

Cullen Rutherford


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  • 24 Nov 16:49

    "The commander signed it...but it does seem awfully cheerful. Maybe Josephine helped write it? Or maybe he's just in a really good mood..."

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  • 24 Nov 16:40

    Duri looks at the paper in her hands "Are you sure this wasn't from Lady Josephine?"

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  • 24 Nov 16:34

    Len frowns at the scrap of parchement with a mixture of confusion and annoyance, then passes it to Duri. "Why does he think it was our plan? We should just tell him it came from Lyul. I do not feel like taking credit for something I didn't do. And this here...tour Thedas regaling the public of our tales? Who would attend such a performance? I would feel ridiculous. Is slaying a Broodmother really such a rare event? We have an expeditionary force at our backs, and I hear the Hero of Ferelden did the same thing with just three friends!" She pauses to consider. "He must be anticipating our success against the Archdemon. If so, I do not share he confidence. We are about to attempt something that has never been done before."

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