The Eyes of the World are Upon You

created at: 11/24/2015

You recieved this message via a nug with Lady Nightingale's crow marking on it's collar. You discovered the missive in its stool when the Nug found you and promptly pooped in front of your tent.

Dear Acolyte Kurovak,

You two will take your promotion and like it. You and Nazelen are Heroes of the Inquisition and yes, heroes do recieve greater scrutiny, but they also have the benefit of a stellar reputation and a mythology that obscures their deeds. Deeds like allying with a Darkspawn Magistrate, for example. This mythology will continue to be cultivated by myself and  Lady Montilyet and may one day save your life. Enjoy your promotion, and continue to live large, but pursue this alliance discreetly. Note, that we have overlooked Valyni. That is not unintentional. Considering the Grey Warden's prior...difficulties with Darkspawn Magistrates, I believe she is best suited to handle further communications with this Broken One for now on, or at least until we send someone better suited.

The eyes of the world are now upon you,

Lady Nightingale

PS: I understand you dislike nugs, but this one's name is Snuffles and if anything happens to her I will be very unhappy with you. Besides, it's a blessing in Orlai if a nug poops at the entrance of your lodgings.