Freak Custom Moves


In Carnivále, there are the Carnies and the Freaks. Both work and perform, but when the show closes down, the Carnies can blend back in with the rubes while the freaks always standout, often shunned and feared, and never accepted. Here are some custom moves that will automatically apply to anyone playing a Freak.

Siamese Twins

Shared Hearts/Shared Minds:
When a 10+ is scored in the seduction of one twin, the other twin must also give a string to that person. When one twin gets a +10 on a seduction roll that person must give a string to both twins.

You do what I do, you go where we go:
A twin can always interfere with a lash out and/or runaway of the other twin without spending a string.


The face behind the curtain:
People don't read you as well as others and you can easily deceive and trick someone if you really want to. When you lie or bluff someone you can roll to hold steady and treat that roll as one step higher a success.

Heard it all before: Animal, freak, and monster, you've been call that and worse. Words hurt, but you're used to the pain. When someone try to shut you down they must do so at a -1 and you can counter with your own shut down at a +1.

The Illustrated Man

The Eye of the Needle: When the needle stitched a nerve in your eyebrow that hurt, but like a thousand times before you sucked it up and kept on with the ink. You don't fear pain and when you need to, you just plain overlook it. When you really want to lash out or run away, you may declare to do yourself one harm in the process and treat your roll after as one success higher. Note you must do you're harm before the roll.

First Impressions: When you make a roll To Turn On or To Manipulate someone that isn't a Carnie or Freak you do so at -2, but you gain an Xp for the attempt.