Episode XLIII: Attack of the Droids.

Crasher Squad making a cease fire with the Impierals who are attempting to create a new order with the Baroness of Kuat as the future Empress. Ferris planned a betrayel at the Sepetratist cache near the crash site of his old command ship during the clone wars. Gev his former XO was waiting for him.

After a brief encounter a well placed shot from Rei's rifle put an end to the troops. during the confrontation it came to light that the Empire had gotten wind of Sith crystal, and now the Inquisitious order is arriving. Before the New Order could spring it's trap Crasher Squad launched a betrayel of it's own reactivating the entire cache now the Empire will have to deal with battle droids that had been long forgotton, will crasher squad be able to destroy the Sith crystal or will they be over taken by the Imperial forces.