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    I've been a role-player for twenty years and a mother for one. I started with 2nd Edition AD&D but these days I get my game on with Apocalypse World, Fate, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, and anything that I haven't tried yet. I like a mixture of story games with player empowerment and more traditional games but with a light enough ruleset to get out of my way when I'm trying to roleplay. I admire the Hero System but I prefer to do so from a distance.

    I've GMed some Pathfinder, some Mouse Guard, and (very briefly) Marvel Heroic.

    I'm into pirates, angsty teenagers (with or without monsters), superheroes, and talking mice.

    I don't like vampires and I like zombies even less.

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    First Inaugural Address

  • President Desma Boyle
  • Mon, Sep 12, 2016
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  • People of the fleet, I stand before you today in relief and gratitude that you have chosen me to lead us through our darkest hour, in our most sacred task. For if we are all that remains of humanity, then our duty to ourselves and to each other is clear:...

    Journal Part 8: Archdemon Destroyed

  • Nazelen
  • Mon, Jan 04, 2016
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  • Dragon Age, I'm too tired for tags
  • After many long hours of paging through old tomes I realized that I was offering very little help. For all my love of words and history, I lack the arcane training necessary to make sense of most of what Dorian brought. Nonetheless, the others uncovered many disturbing things. We determined...

    Journal Part 7: Things best left unwritten

  • Nazelen
  • Mon, Dec 21, 2015
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  • I had not meant to write out today’s events. Even written in Qunlat there are eyes that could read it. However, I felt it necessary to inform the Commander and so this knowledge has gone out to the world. I hope that Cullen is discreet. My journal, I think, is...

    A letter for the Commander

  • Nazelen
  • Mon, Dec 07, 2015
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  • To Commander Cullen of the Inquisition Forces, I hesitate to spoil the good news about our recent victories, but a new situation has arisen that you and the Inquisitor need to be aware of. We have learned more about the Broken One referenced in our earlier report about the intelligent...

    Journal Part 6: Kadan

  • Nazelen
  • Mon, Nov 30, 2015
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  • I was not the only one worried about Duri. Valyni and Stanwyck found me, looking concerned, and we decided to go to the Kal-Sharok campsite under pretense of socializing. We even shared some ale. As before, the dwarves were likeable enough but held their secrets close. We did manage to...