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Ghoul Paste

It is never a good thing when the Ghouls are a little nervous about things happening in the sewers.  It is even less so when they ask you to muck about in the muck with them trying to figure out who is killing their friends.  But that is what Romer, Sorena and myself were doing.  Slogging through the sewers trying to track down something that was clearly more at home here than we were.

At first it seemed like our investigation would be for naught.  There was simply not enough data to go on and searching randomly through the stinking tunnels was not likely to yield any real success.  That was when one of our Ghoul friends (if they can really ever be called a friend) stumbled upon a bit of an unpleasant find.

A bit of the beaten path - or at least a bit toward the outer area of what the Ghouls thought of as their territory eight bodies were found hanging by their ankles.  It didn't take long to figure out they had not been killed here.  Someone had killed them elsewhere and dragged the bodies here.  The natural assumption was Ghoul but the bodies were too fresh.  That was when my friend Jake the Ghoul pulled me aside and whispered his suspicion that it was a Ghoul - only a feral one or, as he put it, a Ghoul that had gone bad.

Fighting a feral ghoul - or a group of them - down in the sewers was not something that I wanted to do.  They have claws which rip skin and down here it was be far too easy for that to get infected thereby marring my immaculately pure white skin.  No, it was better to get some pictures of the dead and head back to street level and see if Michael, our operator, could track down these poor soul's neighborhood.  Odds are if they were all from the same area we could hunt them down on our turf instead of vise-a-versa.

Jake was kind enough to lend me Sally to lead me back out of the sewers.  Given that all the tunnels look alike to me it was a bit before I realized that we were heading to the surface in a very different direction than we came in from.  This concerned me a bit - there was no reason for Sally to go a different direction but when I queried her she promised it was just a shortcut.  What do I know?

Of course I should have stuck to my first instincts that something was off.  Here I was by myself with this ghoul when we finally arrived in a junction with ladders that led to the surface.  Happy to be out of the muck I started to climb.  About halfway up thing went to shit.  I heard before I saw the feral ghoul spring out of the water leaping an amazing distance up to grab my ankle.  His claws sank into my flesh - my formally immaculate flesh, tearing a scream from me as I fell into the water below.  I knew now that Sally wasn't exactly on the up and up as I heard, though didn't see, other creature moving about.  My eyes, however, were focused on the Ghoul that had hold of my ankle.  

As the ghoul tensed to spring at me again and willed my Gravikinetic shield into being surrounding me in an invisible barrier of armor.  The Ghoul suddenly sprang but his foot must have slipped as he went down hard on his face at my feet.  Not wasting the stroke of good fortune I rose on a gravitic plume brushing up against the ceiling and well out of reach of the others below me.  With a though I created a tiny field of intense gravity.  It pulled in everything in the large room.  Water pulled away seeming to disappear through an invisible drain hanging about a foot about the surface.  Then suddenly six ghouls came screaming from out of the dark towards that single point of intense gravity.  They clawed at anything they could but the forces were too great and the half dozen creatures all slammed into one another.  I could hear the break of bones and screams of anger and pain.  Moments later a very terrified Sally joined them in the pile.

A couple of the Ghouls seemed to whether the attack better.  One, a bit out of his mind I think, tried jumping up to grab me.  I wasn't worried about him.  It was the second feral ghoul that was scrambling up a wall then leaping from support to support until he threw himself at me.  Fortunately his aim was a bit off and I easily drifted out of his path.  Below me the other Ghouls were starting to recover from the attack.  I wasted no time - this time flinging the monsters out slamming them into the walls around them.  Bones snapped and flesh split out spilling out ghoul insides.  None moved around me.

In the end my suspicions were right.  All the victims came from one of two neighborhoods.  Sorena decided it was time to go hunting.  I agreed but first me and Romer decided to get cleaned up.  I had a wound to tend and we smelled like, well, a sewer.  Made for an interesting trip home.

Oh, and peroxide hurts like a bitch when you clean a wound with it.  I hate pain.