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Peaceful Resolution

The hunt is on.  We knew roughly where the ghouls were hunting so Romer and myself, after cleaning up, headed to the residential area where the bulk of people had been disappearing.  The hope was we could use my frail appearance to lure the ghouls to attack then deal with them.  Unfortunately after several hours we knew it was not going to work.  I apparently am not good bait.

After discussing things for a bit Romer and I started searching more isolated region, dark streets, alcoves between residential plats and so on.  Even less luck but just as we were about to give up a scream from a street away reached our ears.

Romer shifted and immediately scrambled over the roofs.  After a moment I tuned myself to the gravity field around me and followed, floating lightly up to the roof.  By the time I got there Romer had already webbed a pair of ghouls.  Two others were dragging a body to a sewer access panel.  

As Romer dance around SMG fire, taking the bulk of the ghouls down one at a time I used my own power to lift the girl.  One of the ghouls foolishly held on and actually managed to dodge a bolt of gravity I flung at him in the process.  Deciding on a different tactic I took firm hold of the hanging ghoul with a gravitic fist, pulling him away from the girl then pinned him down to the roof.  

After a few more moments Romer finished dealing with the surviving members of the raiding party.  He appeared on the roof with the final struggling ghoul and began slowly eating him, beginning with his leg.  My own prisoner clearly saw this - never mind hearing the screaming the poor creature was letting lose as the giant black arachnid dined on its leg.  It opened an opportunity.

It didn't take much persuasion to get my prisoner to agree to take me to see his leader - a ghoul called Victor.  We had a slight concern of getting lost in the sewers but I figures we could deal with that if it became necessary.  We have friends down here and eventually we'd run into them if worse came to worse.

The ghoul's lair was nasty.  The remains of previous victims hung in various places and the one who was obviously in charge was feasting on a former Nazzadi thigh.  He was trying not to look concerned that a white and a giant spider had just brazenly walked into his lair but the act was not very convincing.  It look little effort to make a deal to move him out of the arcology. 

Sometimes talking before killing does work.  Now its time to find Winter and grab some dinner.