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    I'm very interested in heavily character- and story-driven role-playing, following the idea of interactive storytelling.  I favor long (2+ years) RPG campaigns with deep, arching story development, a lot of political intrigue, and a healthy dose of intense action/fighting.  I think that a good campaign of this style should mix combat, drama, humor, and thought-provoking philosophy (so long as it doesn't become intrusive).


    Above all, I intend every game I run to be fun for the players and game master, alike.


    I've been game master for such campaigns in both 2nd Edition (Advanced) D&D and 3/3.5 edition, using home-made settings (including one based on The Mists of Avalon), Forgotten Realms, and Eberron (with preference toward the latter).  My players typically tell me later, years after the campaign they played in is over, that it was the most memorable, fun, and interesting role-playing campaign they've ever played in.  (I take this as the highest praise, since many of these people are role-playing veterans, and since my goal is always to give them a good time.)  4th edition D&D, while great fun to participate in as a non-GM--and a lot less cumbersome than 3/3.5--isn't very conducive to my in-depth, pseudo-realistic style of GMing, so I'm currently looking into learning another system, such as Shadowrun 4, or perhaps another post-modern/futuristic setting, so that I can run a game of my own, in addition to my weekly D&D 4.0 excursions.  I love the Rifts setting, but the system is horribly outdated and convoluted, with the rule books being nearly impossible to find things in on demand.  I'm looking for a system that's realistic enough to suspend disbelief, but streamlined to be quick and fun to play.  Suggestions about what system would play well with my GMing style are appreciated!