Signing Up To Infrno With Facebook(Why And What To Do If You Don't Use Facebook)

Some of you have been users here for a long time, so when you get someone new to join, you will have noticed that there is a change in the sign up process. We now require users to use their Facebook account to join during account activation.

This is only done to twart spam bots who will otherwise flood our system, making the user experience unbearable. That is the last thing we want, and having the constant stream of creative character and game blogs suddenly over ran by advertisement blogs would be terrible. So, this extra step lets us combat this until a better option is available.

So, while some of us do not like Facebook or use it, when signing up as a new user it is needed. We have come up with a basic social hack walkaround, however.

 One of our Moderators, Sam Reader has volunteered to help direct you through sign up if you don't want to use your Facebook account. So, take it away Sam!:


"So, to make the account process a little easier on those who are trying to get into the site, but who don't use Facebook, I have set up an email account for the handling of new users who need an account on the site. Once emailed, I will help walk our users through making an account.  

For the time being, please direct new users to send an email to

 I'll take it from there. This will hopefully not have to be in use too long, but for the time being, this method is on offer, and I hope to make it easier on both our users and prospective users.

- Sam"


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  • 04 Jun 17:59

    There's a mistake in this, and it's my fault, the address is

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