From The Database Of Monitor Ez'ikl: Interesting Facts about Earth 14 File 001

created at: 10/08/2014

Similar and yet different from the other versions, Earth 14 has indeed had many interesting moments within it's history. I, Monitor Ez'ikl, shall guide you through a few of them.

Ancient History:

The earliest of all "super beings" to be born of the Earth was a savage member of a branch of humanity called the Cro Magnons. He was called Van Dar, and he was destined to be the father of the next step of human evolution.

He was a leader of a frightful tribe, very warlike and cruel, Van Dar was without fear. This quality is what seperated him in those days, and would further seperate him forever. For one evening, the night's sky was suddenly aflame. Streaking through the wide canopy of stars came a huge mass of flame that crashed into the ground with a deafening thunderous din.

Ever curious, unlike his bretheren, Van Dar went to investigate. The trek was perilous and distant. Overcoming the obsticles, and predators, Van Dar finally arrives near the impact site after a journey of four days. It is unlike anything his primitive mind has ever seen.

The area around the impact is scorched earth. The vegitation has died. There is a vast pit where the object has crashed. Most alien of all though is the strange eerie glow that emanates from what appears to be a huge jagged obsidian rock deep inside the crater. After staring at the scene for a while, Van Dar continues forward, into the pit.

Holding his sharpened tree branch, used to kill many who had oppossed him, he approached the glowing meteroite. As he reached to touch it, the energy surrounding the stone starts to grow and quicker than the human eye could see, it lashed out and engulfed Van Dar.

Rather than being consumed though, he starts to change. His body mass refines, his intellect makes a quantum jump, his strength is magnified. His mind & body are enhanced and expanded beyond the natural parameters of the Cro Magnon, or any of the current branches of humanity. He essentially makes a leap in evolution, beyond what was even genetically possible before.

Stepping out of the pit is not the savage who relied on instinct and basic intellect. No Van Dar was gone, replaced by something greater. this was someone who suddenly had imagination. This is someone who now found himself with desires beyond basic survival. This was someone with the passion, the drive, and the power to take this vast world, to shape it, and to reap it's rewards. Van Dar was gone, and Vandal was born.

As Vandal marched forward, imagining his great destiny, in the pit behind him the glow continues, but instead of the green glowof earlier it has changed to a dark purple.

Vandal leaves the area, off to claim his people and to start taking what is his, but in the pit the purple glow signifies that the "Star Seed' pod has been successful in altering the DNA of a native creature from the planet it has arrived on. having succeeded in it's programming, the Star Seed's self destruct sequence kicks in, and after sending a signal to it's homeworld, it implodes, leaving no trace of it at all.

Back on the Dominator homeworld, a lowly communication and information array technitian recieves a signal from the Star Seed drone, which he then passes on to the Board of Invasions. The seed has been planted. Now they only had to wait for the world to be built into something worth claiming.



To think, that humanity's current path was engineered by a race of destroyers from the stars. This is yet only one of many interesting facts about Earth 14. As my files continue, we will see more of Vandal, and how his offspring affect the world. We will also see how the gods of Earth 14 affected the history of these ever fascinating super beings.