Introducing Marvel's newest mysterious mutant: Daredevil!

Matt Murdock was born to Harriet & Chuck "Battling" Murdock, a nurse and a professional boxer. Born blind, but otherwise healthy as an ox, Matt was a precocious child. Exceptionally intelligent, and happy, Matt was the light in his parent's lives. Growing up worshiping his mighty father, Matt started improving his natural athletic ability, despite his disability. While his father was ultra protective of his son, he encouraged this and helped the boy with basic physical training. His mother on the other hand helped guide his studies, and hoped her son would become a doctor.

When Matt was 12, his father was approached by Lenny "Leech" Lemons, notorious made man in Hells Kitchen, and told he was to throw his next fight. If he did, he'd make a mint, and if he didn't he'd regret it. It was to be his big title shot, and the thought of throwing the fight killed him, but he knew these men meant business.

The night of the fight, 'Battling' Murdock was in his own head about throwing the fight. Going to the ring, it was like tunnel vision, with him only clearly seeing the way to the ring and his opponent, Jimmy 'Lucky' Lewis who was the current champ. In boxing circles, the pros knew that Lewis didn't have the chops to be the champ and had only got there through his mob connections. To lose to him would let everyone know he was working with those creeps, and ruin his reputation with the other fighters.

Climbing into the ring, Murdock's attention is suddenly refocused when he hears a very familiar voice cry out. "Come on Dad! You can do it, even Mom says so!"

This was a complete surprise, considering that Harriet never allowed Matt to come to a fight. Seeing his son's look of complete admiration and love, he turned back to 'Lucky' Lewis, and made up his mind.

It was a brutal and swift fight, with Chuck 'Battling' Murdock gaining the belt in only 3 furious rounds, having won by knockout! That night was magical. The accolades Chuck got that night were what he had always wanted. Beyond all that though, seeing how proud his wife and sone were let him know he made the right choice.

Unfortunately he didn't get a chance to enjoy it long. Two days later, at his gym, 'Battling' Murdock was violently gunned down while sparring with someone in the ring. The police investigation went nowhere, even though everyone in Hells Kitchen knew who had killed him.

This profoundly changed Matt's life. Having grown up blind, Matt had long ago learned to fight his fears, but he never imagined being without his father. His father had always been the biggest most amazing man he had known. Full of strength and humor, his father was his hero.  And now this gentle giant was gone. Matt found himself full of anger, something he was not used to. At first he lashed out both at home and at school, and started getting in a lot of fist fights with other children. Worried about Matt, his mother started taking him to see a Psychiatrist by the name of Dr Garret Nelson. It was in the waiting room of Dr Nelson's office that Matt met the young man who would become his closest friend, Franklin P. Nelson, or as his friends called him 'Foggy'. The two became thick as thieves, and found that they had many shared interests. Harriet became friends with the Nelson's, and with this new strong friendship blossoming, Matt stopped acting out.

Still upset at his loss, and frustrated at the lack of justice in his father's case, Matt started thinking about how the system had failed him. Everyone knew 'The Leech' was behind his father's murder, but no one was going to do anything about it. No one had the guts, guts like his father had had. Well Matt had guts in spades, and he decided that if he wanted to make sure people got justice, he'd have to be in a position to do so. Without telling his mother, he decides he wants to be a judge. He didn't know if there had ever been a blind judge before, but if anyone could do it, Matt thought he could. Of course he told Foggy, who laughed at first until he saw how serious Matt was, and how important it was to him. That was the first fight they ever had. Foggy never teased him about it again, and instead became his biggest support.

When Matt was 16, something amazing happened. It was a scorching summer in Hells Kitchen. Even the nights were hot and humid, and people were at their worst. It was on one of these evenings when Matt was coming home from training at his dad's old gym, when his nose was assaulted by the sudden smell of something burning. Then the smell disappeared, only to be replaced by the overwhelming sound of a terrified baby crying. Following the sound, he started to faintly smell the fire as he got closer to the crying. By the time he reached the burning brownstone, most of the inhabinants had been evacuated by firefighters, but Matt could still hear a baby crying up inside the building. He grabbed a man's arm who was nearby and said, "Isn't anyone going to save that baby? I can hear it crying up there!" The man looked at the blind boy and said, "Son, you must be mistaken. The firemen got everyone out, and besides, I don't hear no baby."

Matt couldn't understand it. How could this man not hear that crying, it was almost deafening. Frustrated, and desperate, Matt starts to run towards the building.

"Hey! Stop that crazy kid, will ya?", one of the cops yells at a firefighter. As the man moves in to grab him, Matt makes his way into the burning building. Making his way up the stairs, somehow avoiding flames and falling debree, Matt follows the sound of the crying up to the fourth floor. The firefighter watching this boy miraculously weave and bound his way through multiple dangers, tries to keep up with less graceful results. But he manages to catch up as the boy kicks open the door to an apartment, and watches as the boy barely jumps out of the way of a violent backdraft. Catching the boy in his arms, he starts to try and escape the blazing inferno when he hears Matt scream out, "The baby! We have to save the baby! It's in that apartment!"

The man look at the boy in the eyes, and sees the tears streaming down his face, and something tells him to listen. Rushing into the flame filled apartment the man frantically searches until he comes to the bedroom. He finds a horrible sight. The main support beam had collapsed on a woman, who seemed to be reaching towards the closet when she died. Rushing in and opening the closet, the firefighter found the baby wrapped in wet blankets, and when he exposed it's face for just a second, he finally hears the cries.

They made it out, and the baby was saved, but no one could explain how the boy had heard the baby. Some said it was angels who had come to the boy and told him, and other thought it was just a lucky guess. Either way, the young man became a bit of a local hero in Hells Kitchen.

At first Matt didn't understand it either, but the more it happened(his senses expanding) the more he learned to see it as a gift. He wasn't sure why he had been given this gift, but maybe it had to do with all the sacrifices he had already paid. Either way, this paired with the exhilaration of knowing he actually made a positive difference in someone's life led him to start thinking about trying to use his abilities and training to help more folks. Sure as a judge he could help people everyday, but that was going to take many years, and he could do this now! But, people would talk if "that blind boy" was running around town all the time saving people's lives. So what to do?

Thinking back to his time in Dr Nelson's office, they would often talk about fears and how fear can affect people, both positively and negatively. Fear is essential in human beings, and can act as a catalyst for change. Maybe by using that concept, he could tackle two problems with one solution. A costume would keep his identity unkown, while designing it with striking features would mean he could strike fear into the hearts of the wicked. This is how he first came up with the idea of being Daredevil, the Man Without Fear.

Now at 18 years of age, Matt is just starting Law School, (to the dismay of his mother) and as fate would have it so is his best friend Foggy Nelson. His studies are very important to him, and he is an excellent student. After school he hits the gym, and then usually goes straight to his room to study after dinner with his mother. What no one else knows is that half the time when they think he is in his room studying, he is in fact patroling the streets of Hells Kitchen using his enhanced senses as the one and only Daredevil!


created at: 02/07/2015  

 created at: 02/07/2015



    Solo      Duo       Team

     D10            D8             D6  


created at: 02/07/2015


Blind Justice

Silver Tongued Devil

Growing Up Blind, I Learned To Face My Fears



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(Mutant Enhanced Senses)

Enhanced Hearing D8    Enhanced Smell D8

Enhanced Tactile Awareness D8  

Enhanced Taste D8          

SFX: Focusing On A Sense: If a pool includes a M.E.S. power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one die +1 step larger.

SFX: I SenseClues: Add a d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when using M.E.S. to create assets. 

 Limit: My Father's Death Haunts Me:  If you take emotional stress, it opens old wounds and automatically gets bumped up by one degree. Take 1 PP.

created at: 02/07/2015


(Modified Cane )

 Modified Cane D8

SFX: Obsessive Practice: Spend 1 PP to reroll when using any Modified Cane Power.

SFX: Blunt Trauma:  Add a d6 to your dice pool for an attack action and step back highest die in pool by –1. Step up Physical Stress inflicted by +1.

Limit: No Cane No Gain: Shutdown Modified Cane and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. doom pool to recover. 

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created at: 02/07/2015


Acrobatics Expert D8

Combat Expert D8

Covert Expert D6

Crime Rookie D6

Menace Expert D8

Psych Expert D6