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Bug Hunter Mistborn InfrnoCon 4 InfrnoCon 5 InfrnoCon GM DC Comics Fanboy Secret Sentinel Riot at Iron Heights Ultimate Defense Team Go! Be There In A Flash InfrnoCon 6 Idea Man Secret Sentinels Volume 1 At the Drop of a Hat *Fist Bump* Project Valkyrie InfrnoCon 7 I Am A Secret Avenger !mpact Kid Amazing GM! InfrnoCon 8 A Weird Western Tale For all mankind...

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Bughunter 90x90

Bug Hunter

197 winners

This goes out to all the playas who have helped Infrno out by reporting bugs. We do a lot of testing, but if one thing is certain, bugs are out there. Big, ugly ones, with bad manners and worse hygiene. If you find one, report it. We might know about it, but you'd be surprised how often we don't. Screenshots, browser and OS details, flash player debug messages, we want it all.
90x90 mb achievement


31 winners

This achievement is unlocked by participating in the Mistborn Launch event.  Based on the best-selling novels by Brandon Sanderson and powered by an all new story-driven rules system, the Mistborn Adventure Game lets you explore, command, or liberate the oppressed world of Scadrial, battle the Lord Ruler’s Inquisitors, and master the primal forces of Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy. It features new official fiction from Brandon Sanderson and loads of never-before-seen material, making it the ultimate resource for fans of the novels and those who want to experience the Final Empire firsthand.  Register now to play a demo!
Infrnocon 04 90x90 16bit

InfrnoCon 4

43 winners

Unlocked by attending InfrnoCon 4, either as a player or GM.
Infrnocon 05 90x90

InfrnoCon 5

44 winners

Unlocked by attending InfrnoCon 5, either as a player or GM.
Infrnocon gm 90x90 blackoffset transbg

InfrnoCon GM

43 winners

Unlocked by running a game at InfnroCon.

DC Comics Fanboy

5 winners

All those years of reading comic books have finally paid off!   You know the difference between Earth-C and Earth-96. You can list every member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. You believe the fabric of reality can be altered by punching time itself.   Admit it, you cried when Supergirl died in the original Crisis.   You revel in the silly, iconic, and amazing universe that is DC Comics.   Congratulations, you are a DC Fanboy!

Secret Sentinel

4 winners

Before the Justice League, before the Teen Titans, and before Stormwatch... there were the Secret Sentinels!   A diverse and mysterious team, the Secret Sentinels led the way in the organization of super-heroes and the formation of super-teams throughout the universe.   Driven by different motivations and operating out of distinct locations, the Secret Sentinels stand united in the battle against evil. They fight for the common man on the streets of Gotham City, for the planets of Sector 3674, and for the multiverse itself.   The team has evolved from that fateful night on the rooftops of New York...

Riot at Iron Heights

3 winners

You participated in the Riot at Iron Heights one shot during Infrno Con 4.   Playing as one of three Flashes, you quelled a violent riot at the Iron Heights Penitentiary. You battled Gorilla Grodd and the Rogues, but Professor Zoom was freed and he escaped into the Speed Force.   Pushing your speed to the limit, you gave chase and confronted Zoom on the steps of the Garrick household... You... Then... Flashes... Speed Force... 52...   Wait! What was I talking about? Oh God, it can't be! Zoom, he's altered the time line again!

Ultimate Defense Team Go!

6 winners

Go Go Ultimate Defense Team! Defend All Japan From Extraterrestrial Threat! Begin Ultimatum Battle Mode! Complete Victory! Gambatte!

Be There In A Flash

1 winner

For doing a great job playing The Flash (Jay Garrick) and help saving two worlds from Nazi villainy.   Player in "Evil Incarnate" (JSA vs the Invaders).
Infrnocon 6 90x90

InfrnoCon 6

37 winners

Unlocked by attending InfrnoCon 6, either as a player or GM.
Idea man med

Idea Man

29 winners

Unlocked by submitting ideas for new features, better ways to handle workflow, or any other angle that would improve your Infrno experience. No matter how big or small, your input is always welcome!

Secret Sentinels Volume 1

4 winners

Congratulations, you have completed the first volume of the Adventures in the DCU: Secret Sentinels role playing game! In the course of 25 issues and over 100 hours of game play, you formed a super-hero team, battled various villains (including Darkseid), traveled to different planets and dimensions, went back in time, and met heroes from all over the universe. All the while, pursuing your own personal goals and relationships.   Your character has grown and evolved along with the game. New dangers and threats await just around the corner as this story is just beginning...   Thank you for playing...

At the Drop of a Hat

8 winners

You have the uncanny ability to put together a game at the drop of a hat. But you don't cut any corners. Your impromptu games are creative, well designed, and most importantly fun! You even take the time to explain rules to new players.   You are an improv king!

*Fist Bump*

50 winners

Thanks for being my friend on Infrno!   *Fist Bump*

Project Valkyrie

6 winners

You got your wings, your  one the front lines in the battle against Devastator and the all manner of creepy shit.
Infrnocon 7 90x90

InfrnoCon 7

19 winners

Unlocked by attending InfrnoCon 6, either as a player or GM.

I Am A Secret Avenger

4 winners

Steve Rodgers has pulled you into the fold. Some missions would be better left in the shadows. Some missions need to be kept quiet. You are still Avengers, but what you do is secret. It's for the safety of the world that you are willing to do what you do. It's why you are a Secret Avenger!

!mpact Kid

1 winner

You resurrected a whole line of forgotten comics... and you've made them better than ever! You are an !mpact Kid!
158977 112595 jeff scott campbell super

Amazing GM!

3 winners

Granted to GMs who allow someone to play Spider-Man in their game, because Spider-Man is amazing!
Infrnocon 8 90x90 blackoffset transbg

InfrnoCon 8

40 winners

Unlocked by attending InfrnoCon 8, either as a player or GM.

A Weird Western Tale

4 winners

You played in the Weird Western Tales game during the Action Heroes Die Hard online convention. You stopped Chronos from disrupting the time stream and met some cool people along the way... some from the future!   Thanks for playing!

For all mankind...

15 winners

Awarded to those that have completed Apocalypse World: Drive-Thru Armageddon and have saved the newborn.