Issue #28 – Time Crisis Part 2: Earth to Sentinels

Cold Snap, Velocitos and Brother Donovan are inside the Justice Society Brownstone. They are sitting at a large wooden table with Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkgirl, Codename: Atom, and Mister Terrific. The Fly and Zero are hiding in the heating duct directly above them, eavesdropping. During their conversation, Zero and the Fly enter dramatically from the heating duct. After the initial shock of their entrance, Zero declares that Mister Terrific is not a native of this Earth, he is from their Earth, New Earth. Mister Terrific sighs and recounts the story of how his girlfriend at the time, Karen Star, hacked into his computer systems and opened up a reality vortex. Karen was originally from Earth 2 and was trying to find her way home. Green Lantern tells them that the Supergirl and Robin of their Earth traveled to New Earth during the Apokolips invasion. There, they are known as Power Girl and Huntress. Wanting to test his quantum tunneling hypothesis, Mister Terrific jumped into the vortex and arrived on Earth 2. It was a one way ticket and he hasn't been able to find his way home.


Powergirl and Huntress


Green Lantern then explains the fate that has befallen their world. A man who calls himself Kobra has upset the world order. Through his own venomous subversion, he has overthrown the world army. They now bow to him like mindless zombies. Each day he recruits more and more acolytes into his cult. Those that refuse are hunted and killed. His most ruthless and talented recruits are known as Strike Force Kobra. They are brutal killing machines who carry out Kobra's every command. Kobra has set up his base of operations in the White House. The Justice Society are leading a small rebellion against Kobra's rule, but his numbers are too vast.




The Sentinels agree to help. Together, they make plans for a two pronged assault on the White House. The Justice Society, under the command of the Atom will organize their forces and lead a frontal assault on the White House, which will act as a distraction for the Sentinels who will sneak into the White House and depose Kobra. With the help of Mr. Terrific, Zero, Cold Snap, and Brother Donovan examine computerized blue prints of the White House and discover hidden tunnels underneath Washington DC.


The Atom


After the preparations are complete, The Fly and Cold Snap explore the brownstone. They find relics that relate the tragic and turbulent history of this earth: Apokolips, Solomon Grundy, Terry Sloan, and now Kobra. It has been one fight after another, without the aid of the original wonders: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Velocitos senses an avatar of the green in the Green Lantern and plants a small tree outside the brownstone. Brother Donovan is mediating when Green Lantern knocks on the door. The two discuss the differences and similarities of their powers, and Brother Donovan can sense that this Green Lantern's power is drawn from a magical source. Before leaving, Brother Donovan supercharges Green Lantern's ring.


Terry Sloan


Once the Atom has mobilized his forces, the Sentinels embark. Brother Donovan transports Velocitos, Cold Snap, and Zero into the tunnels underneath the Smithsonian while the Fly patrols from the skies. As the team progresses through the tunnels, the Fly spots a unit of 50 Kobra soldiers approaching. Brother Donovan creates a construct of a large radio, and Zero (with the help of Cold Snap and Velocitos) impersonates a Kobra commander and convinces them to change course. Brother Donovan creates ninja motorcycles for the team and they cruise into the large garage underneath the White House.


Above ground, the Fly sees Kobra appear on a balcony to address a crowd of about 100 civilians. With his staff in hand, he whips the crowd into a bloodthirsty rage. Just as he finishes his speech, the Atom and his forces attack! The Fly flies over and perches on his shoulder, helping to coordinate the attack and to minimize casualties.


Back in the garage, most of the tanks and soldiers have left to join their comrades in combat, but a few remain. Velocitos charges right into the tanks. Cold Snap and Brother Donovan join the battle as well. The Fly reports in that he is going after Kobra in the White House. Velocitos decides to help and bursts into the White House as well. Zero sneaks in through an elevator shaft. Cold Snap and Brother Donovan defeat the tanks. Brother Donovan then creates a construct tank and joins the battle outside the White House where he focuses on protecting innocents, while Cold Snap joins the team inside.


The Fly confronts Kobra and 4 members of his elite guard inside the Oval Office. Sensing strong magics from the orb in his staff, the Fly wrestles it from Kobra. He uses the staff to reverse the spell that mind controlled the group of 100 innocents below the balcony. The other Sentinels join the battle. One of Kobra's acolytes summons a horde of snakes. Utilizing his training in India, Zero convinces the snakes to leave as he frees them from Kobra's servitude.


Naga Siluman


With Velocitos, Cold Snap, and Zero focusing on Strike Force Kobra, the Fly decides to go after Kobra himself. With one powerful punch, he knocks Kobra out, cracking the staff's orb in the process. Gold magic begins to leak from the orb and coalesces into the Ankh symbol. Then a man in a gold helmet appears (the same man they saw during Zatanna's magic show). He casts a powerful spell that renders all of Kobra's army unconscious and frees the civilians from his mind control. The man introduces himself as Fate and thanks the Sentinels for freeing him from his prison. He agrees to help the Sentinels locate the cosmic bomb, which was actually the relic in which he was imprisoned for over 100 years. Velocitos takes the relic and destroys it. Fate thanks the heroes again and disappears. Zero grabs an American Flag from a trash can and climbs to the top of the White House to let it fly once again. This instills hope in the people below who have been living under Kobra's flag for too long.


Dr. Fate


On the battlefield, Brother Donovan assists those who were injured in battle. He is working alongside Green Lantern, when the Flash starts running their way. As he approaches, he begins vibrating out of control. He vibrates down to a skeletal level and screams out in pain. Green Lantern tries to grab hold of his friend, but Brother Donovan pulls him back knowing what would happen if he were too touch a vibrating speedster. Jay lets out a final scream and vibrates out of existence. Green Lantern collapses into Brother Donovan, sobbing.


As Green Lantern recounts the fate of the Flash to the other members of his team, Brother Donovan respectfully leaves. As he is walking away, he hears Hawkgirl begin to sob. He meets up with Mister Terrific where the two discuss Project Valkyrie. Brother Donovan gives him a card and promises that he will find a way to bring Mister Terrific home.


Mister Terrific


Back at the White House, the Fly gives a rousing speech to the civilians of this earth who are now free from Kobra's tyranny. Unbeknownst to him, a 10 year old boy who has secretly manifested powers is so inspired by the speech, that he decides to use his powers to fight for justice. The Fly of Earth 2 is born! The Atom asks the Sentinels to meet back at the Brownstone for a debriefing, but the heroes know they only have a little time left on this Earth, so they decline. Mister Terrific asks Zero to tell Karen (Powergirl) that he forgives her and that he loves and misses her. With that, the Sentinels feel the familiar lurch in their stomachs as energy crackles around them. They are pulled into the multiversal tunnel and arrive in a brightly colored city, which literally looks like a cartoon.


As they take in their new surroundings, a 3 foot tall anthropomorphic fly named Fly Guy greets them. He welcomes them to Follywood, Califurnia. As they look around, the heroes realize that they are in an earth populated by cartoon animals! Zero identifies this Earth as Earth C. Sensing that they are tired, Fly Guy leads them to an upscale hotel, The Furrier. He writes down his address and tells the Sentinels to stop by after they rest up. After a near incident with a rooster attendant and a cat bell-hop, they get 3 rooms:



Fly Guy


  • Velocitos is ushered into a special lizard room, where he relaxes on a heated rock in a room regulated to jungle temperature.

  • Brother Donovan and Zero share a room. Zero is fascinated a television show called the Ducks of Hazard, while Brother Donovan is struggling to make sense of this strange new world.

  • Cold Snap and the Fly share a room. Cold Snap curls up into the fetal position as he stares at a picture of his friends, while the Fly excitedly recounts his vast knowledge of a cartoons and cartoon logic!


To be continued in Issue #29, Time Crisis Part 3: Monday Night... Cartoons!