Issue #29 – Time Crisis Part 3: Monday Night... Cartoons!

Location: Furrier Hotel, Follywood, Califurnia, United Species of America, Earth C


The heroes are in their hotel rooms and they all see a debate for the upcoming presidential election between Barack O Llama, Mutt Romney, and Ralph Gator. During the debate the candidates discuss the devolution crisis and tie it to the disappearance of the alternate earth super team, the JLA. One candidate also suggests employing the help of the Zoo Crew. The Fly recognizes the Zoo Crew from Ambush Bug's comics, specifically New Teen Titans #16. The Fly and Cold Snap fly out the window to try and locate the Zoo Crew. Velocitos stays in his room watching cartoons and thinking about the Thompson family. Zero meditates and takes a zen like approach to this very strange world. Brother Donovan is watching MTV, specifically a music video by Jay Zebra and Beeonce.


Zoo Crew


Cold Snap creates a huge sign that reads “Zoo Crew” over the famous Follywood sign. Several minutes later the animal super team appears: Captain Carrot, Pig-Iron, Yankee Poodle, Alley-Kat-Abra, Fastback, Rubberduck, and Little Cheese. After some initial mistrust, the Zoo Crew warms up to the Fly and Cold Snap and reveal that they are on the case searching for the JLA. The Fly agrees to help and they set up a meeting for the following morning at the Zoo Crew Tower. The Fly heads back to the hotel while Cold Snap goes out on patrol.


Follywood, Califurnia


After talking with the Fly, Brother Donovan does the only rational thing he can think of: he flies into space to talk with the Sun! After some persuasion, the Sun tells him that he has seen a strange purple energy hovering over the area of North America. It started about three weeks ago. Brother Donovan brings this information back to the team at the hotel. Meanwhile, Cold Snap stops a near fatal car crash by routing an out of control car into a parking garage, which was being driven by a devolved duck. When the ambulance shows up, he hitches a ride with them back to the hospital.


Zero and the Fly head to the Zoo Crew Tower to investigate. They spot someone suspicious in the trees near the tower. It's Fly Guy! He picks something up and puts it in his pocket and then starts walking away. Zero and the Fly trail him and eventually corner him in an alley. When they start questioning Fly Guy, he dodges their questions and tries to escape. After a near escape, The Fly catches him and brings him to the top of the building. Zero notices that he threw something just as the Fly caught him. He finds it in a nearby dumpster: A Green Lantern ring! With the ring in hand, Zero contacts Brother Donovan who quickly arrives. He identifies the ring as authentic and belonging to a lantern named the Green Lambkin. Fly Guy attempts to talk himself out of this mess, but fails. Instead, he yells into his watch communicator, “Do it now!” and purple energy cascades down around the heroes. Brother Donovan and Zero quickly devolve to the intelligence level of a young child, but their strength grows. Confused, Brother Donovan flies off with Fly Guy while Zero plays marbles with some large stones.


Fly Guy


Cold Snap meets up with the Zoo Crew again. On his way, Fastback vibrates himself out of existence right before Cold Snap's eyes. The rest of the Zoo Crew arrives, concerned for the loss of their friend. As Cold Snap tries to explain the situation, a purple energy descends upon them. Cold Snap is able to shake it off, but the entire Zoo Crew devolves. Cold Snap creates an animal habitat for them and then goes off in search of the Sentinels.


Concerned that Zero is singing over his communicator, Velocitos finds him in an alley juggling dumpsters. When he tells him to stop, Zero starts crying. The Fly contacts Cold Snap who shows up and creates a playpen for Zero. Together the four heroes head off in search of Brother Donovan. They find him literally playing Frogger with a real frog-person and a busy intersection. Cold Snap creates the most amazing playground ever... The Winter Funderland, which quickly grabs Brother Donovan's attention. With Brother Donovan distracted, the Fly is able to free the traumatized Fly Guy. When the Fly attempts to questions him, Fly Guy responds by telling him that all their questions will be answered at the abandoned Berry Fun Toys warehouse on the outskirts of the city.


On the way, Fly Guy admits that they went too far. Tired of being treated like second class citizens, the insects of this world devised a plan to put them on the top of the food chain. A group of super-insects known as the JLI (Justa Lotta Insects) captured the JLA (Justa Lotta Animals) and harnessed the power of the Firestork matrix to create their devolution ray gun. With the animals of this Earth running around like primitive beasts, no one would be able to stand in their way. The leader of the JLI is a brilliant tactician named Bat Mantis, its other members are Captain Caterpillar and Queen Flea. The warehouse is kept operational by a legion of super ants. Fly Guy admits that he got in over his head and pulls out a small laser gun that reverses the devolution on both Zero and Brother Donovan. The Fly tells Fly Guy that this is his chance to make things right. The Sentinels quickly devise a plan and jump into action!




Velocitos charges in through the wall, Zero and Brother Donovan follow him in. They focus their attacks on Batmantis and the rest of the JLI. Meanwhile, the Fly and Cold Snap sneak in to rescue Firestork from the bug zapper. During the fight, Brother Donovan is knocked out by a vicious bite courtesy of Queen Flea. The Fly and Cold Snap disable the ray gun and free Firestork. Inspired by the actions of the Sentinels, Fly Guy jumps into battle and helps Zero knock out Batmantis. The rest of the JLI quickly fall to the might of the Sentinels.


After the fight, the Fly revives Brother Donovan. Cold Snap attempts to revive Firestork. Brother Donovan and Fly Guy locate the devolved JLA locked in cages and using his ray gun, Fly Guy reverses the process. To make amends for his crimes, Fly Guy with the help of the Sentinels, reverses the polarity of the large ray gun to undo the damage he caused. Zero and Cold Snap help rewire the computer system while Velocitos acts as a conduit, harnessing the power of the Red to restore this Earth to its natural state. The process works and from his position in space, the Sun watches as North America is bathed in red energy.




The JLA thank the Sentinels and Fly Guy and round up the unconscious JLI. They leave to debrief with the Zoo Crew. The Fly takes Fly Guy aside and encourages him to use his power for good and to prove to this Earth that insects and animals are equals. This can only be accomplished through acts of non-violence. He suggests a carnival aimed at teaching the two species about one another. He also suggests harnessing Flitter (this Eath's version of Twitti) to spread his message over the internet. Fly Guy is so moved by the Fly's kindness that he breaks down into tears and hugs him. Fly Guy apologizes to Brother Donovan and Zero and then flies off, a new and better fly. Cold Snap finds an Alley Kat Abra action figure and takes it for a souvenir.


Zero notices multiversal energy swirling around the large ray gun, it is one of the Anti-Monitor's cosmic bombs. The Sentinels destroy it! The heroes then hear Harbinger's voice in their heads, “You have saved 2 earths, 3 remain”. Seconds before they are pulled into the multiversal tunnel a transparent Barry Allen appears before them and begins to speak in a trembling voice:


“The Speed Force... it knew the Multiverse was in trouble. It's collecting speedsters from the 52 Earths... but the Black Flash... he got here first... we're trapped... HELP...”


Black Flash


Before they can respond, the Sentinels are whisked away to another Earth...


To be continued!