Issue 1: Prison Break!

Newsfeed:  March 18, 2017

Milwaukee, WI

    by William Albright

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Six months after the first emergence of abominations from Lake Michigan, the city of Milwaukee has been dealt another blow.  The Jones Island Penitentiary has been attacked.  At least twenty of the so-called “deep ones” attacked the facility killing several guards and prisoners.  Three high profile meta human prisoners were being held in temporary lockup with the general population and escaped during the raid.  The criminals known as “The Alienist, Kid Pandemonium, and Taipan” did however kill the invading creatures before fleeing into the night when being confronted with Milwaukee’s own heroic Manitou!  Despite testimony from the surviving prison guards as to the trio’s actions the villians showed their true cowardly stripes when confronted by the likes of the Manitou!  The Mayor has ensured the public that a full manhunt is underway and the national guard remains on active duty throughout the state and most of the country.