The U.S.S. Slingshot

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Automachon, part 2.

...Meanwhile, back along the inner hull, Zayit, Sparks and Tangerines were making their way steadily, if a little slowly because of the extra gravity, to where they believed the Bridge should be. The Captain was the first to climb in, and looking down the barrel of a disoriented Dunsany's zap pistol...


  • Thu, Dec 16, 2010

    Sparkplug? Oh wow. I never would've thought of.

    Ronald Hoogakker2
  • Thu, Dec 16, 2010

    In space nobody can hear you having a hissyfit.....


    [Temper tantrum]

    Spark! his name is SPARK, not Sparky. not Sparkle..not Sparks and not Central Park or sparkplug

    [/Temper tantrum]




    [Sean Connery]

    Spark........, Justin Spark

    [/Sean Connery ]

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