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You Are Excited, And It's Ok! Not Alright!

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    Magnus says:
    Foose came up with the phrase randomly today, "Never Lacking...
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    Rogues Gallery - Magda Vyrlich

  • Tales of Primordia: Dark Tides
  • Tue, Jan 02, 2018
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  • Magda Vyrlich NG Human Wizard 7   Magda Viylich is the wife of Mayor Anton Vyrlich and an instructor of young wizards, having learned the art herself as a young woman growing up in Hergstag. There are not many who could otherwise afford the cost of wizard training in a...

    PART 1- The Starlight Festival

    It is the time of the great Starlight Festival in the city of Nibenay, and the party feels that the templars will be occupied with policing the city during the wild revelry, and will not have the resources for the time being to track them down for their recent killing...

    Rogues Gallery - Duraasi Twilightcatcher

      DURAASI TWILIGHTCATCHER CN Athasian Elf Psychic Warrior 5   ABILITY SCORES STR 18DEX 14CON 12INT 10WIS 15CHA 10 COMBAT Armor Class 17Hit Points 54Base Att +3 Initiative +4Movement 40'Fortitiude +5Reflex +3Willpower +3 SKILLS Autohypnosis +10Perception +13Acrobatics +10Survival +7 FEATS Weapon Focus (falchion)Psionic WeaponPsionic BodyPsionic MeditationDeep FocusWeapon Spec (falchion) SPECIAL...

    Setting the [Game] Table - The Tablelands at a Glance

            The ancient city of Nibenay sits brooding from its perch on the edge of a great agafari wood forest, forever on guard against the savage headhunters from its rival city, Gulg.       What adventures await those intrepid enough to brave the home of the...

    Setting the [Game] Table - Nibenay at a Glance

    Geography The city of Nibenay is located at the eastern end of the Crescent Forest just north of the Great Ivory Plain. A long road runs out of the city to the north, connecting it with the Ivory Palace of Raam and the rest of the Tyr region. Just south...
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  • Fri, Feb 15, 2013

    Lawyer.  Single Parent.  Feared Purveyor of Death Traps.

    I've been playing and gamemastering RPG's for about thirty years, from 1st ed D&D through Pathfinder, the old Marvel Super Heroes (and many of the later incarnations), Shadowrun, Werewolf, and of course Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original Eastman & Laird stuff, not that kiddie cartoon crud).

    If only there was more time to play . . .

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