Rogues Gallery - Brother Markus

created at: 11/28/2015


LN Human Cleric (the Whispering Wind) 7


Like so many others over the last several years, Brother Markus of the Whispering Wind is a transplant in Hannsport.  Surprisingly young at twenty three years old, Markus was a bit of a prodigy in his native land of Hergstag.  Growing up in the shadow of the towers of Lepidstadt University, his peculiar genius did not go unnoticed.  He was the youngest student to ever matriculate from the esteemed institute of learning, and was it's youngest ever instructor, with an insatiable desire for learning and solving problems, and yet...


Markus also had an insatiable desire for beautiful young women, including the youngest daughter of the don of his college.


Deciding it was better to avoid any hired knives before they were in fact hired, he made his way out of the barony and into the wider world.  He discovered to his surprise that he liked the world outside the university even more than the one inside it.  He figured out how to make profitable use of his earlier-discarded clerical training, and in fact became a reputable adventurer before settling down in Hannsport, a place as far away from the intrigues of Lepidstadt as he could get while still being within the reach of civilization.


Over the last few years, Brother Markus has spent some of his acquired wealth to rebuild the church on the bluff looking over the town, to restore its graveyard, and therefore to administer to the spiritual needs of the village.  In what spare time he has, he remains an inveterate researcher and tinkerer, and it is not unusual for odd smells to drift down from the bluff, or for strangely colored lights to illuminate the windows of the church basement in the darkness of the night.


It is worth noting that Markus has also been granted custody of the village records and histories by Anton Vyrlich, and keeps them neatly arranged and organized in the lower level of the church.  He supplements these materials with a regular supply of books of his own, which he spends money on now that a regular overland trade route has remained open.  As a result, his collection is broad, if not terribly deep, and represents the only true library in town.


All in all, Brother Markus is well liked in Hannsport, and trusted by most.  When the village is in need of someone to sit as magistrate, it is he who is called on to serve.  Although not a member if the council, he is regularly consulted by its members.  He is also known to be a true man of the spirit, being both celibate (to the dismay of Councilman Vyrlich's daughters) and a teetotaler (to the dismay of Constable Dreng).



Now, having been successful in formulating a variant gentle repose spell that will help the village ship its aboundant catch of fish overland instead of over the treacherous sea, Markus' ingenuity may have truly begun to pay off.  Perhaps, in time, he might even be able to found his own little school...