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Mike Muldoon's characters

Roy Romer

Custom weaponshop prog
Roy is Sorena's bodyguard, and a member of the Eldritch Society.   26 points for skills and assets/qualities, don't buy past 2

Private character

Monique Duceppe

  Affiliations =============================================              Solo             Buddy           Team        6               8             10 ================== Distinctions "Proud to be a mutant" "Isolated Childhood" "Always One Step Ahead" 1D4+1PP  or  1D8 ============================ Power Sets ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Heightened Cognition: Enhanced Senses (D8)         Universal Mapping (D10) SFX: Perceptual Precognition. Spend 1 PP to ignore stress,...


The Bruiser is a super-strong, super-tough character who can lift around 1.6 tons and take an assault rifle round to the head without dying. 

Gunter Kiczold

Gunter portrait
Beliefs Belief 1: Belief 2: Belief 3: Weakness leads to defeat, and must not be tolerated.   Instincts Instinct 1: Always bow properly to my superiors (as is their right). Instinct 2: Always make sure I am in full harness for battle! Instinct 3: Always look out for a good candidate to be my page or squire.   Character Traits   Call-On Traits...

Lieutenant Klondike

I am a lean, mean, killing machine. Never met a bug I couldn't squish. Never made it back from planet-side without a fresh bag of medals. Hoorah! Medal: Crimson Sword: 1, 1 bar Kill Badge: 1 Kill Badge Bar: 1 Wound Medal: 1, 1 bar Campaign Medal: 1 Bronze Star: 1   Missions completed: 8 Total wounds received: 10  

Slazen Kaaft (Darth Purge)

Bug 100
Talents Deflect Build light saber Clear mind Force Haze Redirect shot Feats Force sensitive Weapon proficiency (Light saber) Strong in the Force Running attack Force training Weapon finesse Mobility  

Spatz McNad

Bug 100
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    Player: Mike Muldoon
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  • Growing up both pale and vertically challenged, you learned everything you needed to know by age 6 : Punch what you can beat, run from what you can’t. It wasn’t until everyone hit puberty that they figured out you weren’t small for your age, you were just small. Some people might call you a fair little person. You prefer the...