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  • System: TERRAFORMER 13 - Mind Hunter AdC - BDV5063
  • Last update: Fri, Dec 16, 2016
  • Day: Thu, Jan 01, 2009
  • Time: 12:00AM UTC
  • This is a sample game, so that you can see what goes into a Game Profile. But mostly importantly, this game give you the opportunity to go in and check out the game table. It will be populated with some data for you to play around with – don't worry about messing anything up. This is an excellent way to check to see that your video/voice settings are ready to go!

    Mike Muldoon's D&D 4e game

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  • System: Wizards Presents: Worlds and Monsters (D&D Supplement)
  • Last update: Tue, May 21, 2013
  • Day: Thu, Aug 16, 2012
  • Time: 02:40PM UTC
  • Restless Dead Alpha Wave

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  • Registered in Restless Dead Demo
  • Last update: Sat, Aug 18, 2012
  • Day: Thu, Aug 16, 2012
  • Time: 05:00PM UTC
  • Length: 80 hours
  • Welcome to Restless Dead, a roleplaying game aout surviving the zombie hordes.  Whether it's a small outbreak of zombies rising from the local graveyard due to a chemical spill or a full blown zombie apocolypse that spells the end of the world, Restless Dead is designed for you to tell your very own stories about a world gone terribly wrong.  You can even play yourself and experience what it might be like for you and your friends! Come visit us at GenCon booth #938 and kill some zombies!

    NeonCon Project Dante

    Neoncon2011 290x320
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  • Last update: Tue, Feb 21, 2012
  • Day: Fri, Nov 04, 2011
  • Time: 05:24PM UTC
  • Length: 72 hours
  • The Cold War rages, and the battle lines are drawn – on one side, the Americans, on the other, the Russians – attending a convention undercover. Each team will be trying to eliminate the other over the course of NeonCon, running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (until 2 pm).  How to Play A player comes to register at the Infrno booth, at NeonCon, and is randomly assigned to a side. This means that he may or may not be assigned to the same side as his friends who have come to sign up with him. It is in a player's best interest to...