SM-14 love fest

Michael Adler ran some profiles on the corpses we found last night, and sure enough, they were all reported missing in the general vicinity of Volunteer Park, up on Capitol Hill. Mesta and I gear up, and head up for some ghoul hunting, hoping that we can either lure them into attacking one of us, or maybe we can catch them taking another civilian.

It's early evening as we arrive, and we spend an hour locating a number of sewer grates. As dark falls, we start a little walking tour of the neighborhood, with Mesta leading me by a few blocks. Our mental link is enough to stay in contact, and I don't want to scare them off by travelling together.

Too bad the gun oil from my minty clean SM-14 submachine gun is pungent enough for the ghouls to pick up on. Apparently, they're clever enough not to attack armed targets.

created at: 2011/01/25

But eventually, after 3 hours, we hear a strangled scream in the distance. I shift into my Widow form, and take off skittering over the rooftops. I find six ghouls dragging an limp woman towards an open grate in the street.

My attempt to sneak up fails utterly, and three ghouls pull out silenced SM-14s. A fourth ghoul has a CS-40 Defender, a 10mm pistol, and the other two drag the woman frantically towards the open sewer grate.

I begin shooting spinnerettes, hoping to entangle them, and then take them down piecemeal. But while I'm hitting them, they're much stronger than I anticpated, and they keep breaking free from my web. Luckily, their aim is pretty poor, and I repeatedly dodge their wild bursts by jumping between buildings.

Mesta arrives on the scene, floating over a rooftop, and uses his gravekinetic talent to pick up the limp woman. One of the ghouls holds on, and he floats both up to the roof. The other ghoul disappears into the sewer.

I drop to street level and start biting. I tear off an arm, part of a face, another arm. The last one standing is already bleeding pretty bad, so I pick him up and skitter up to the roof, where Mesta is holding the last ghoul to a chimney.

I pin my ghoul down, and slowly start chewing on his leg, while Mesta politely asks his ghoul a few questions.

He is eager to cooperate.