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Wyatt "Tankface" Roper

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Please leave a message after the Beep. (Session one)

August 4th 2070 - 23:30

This is Leaping Fire's phone, you know the drill beep etcetera. BEEP

Hey Babe, I'm going on a job tonight. Some unkown Johnson calling himself Smith called, wants me on a ad hoc crew. I've only done solo jobs since Aztechnology, dunno if I'm ready for this crap...

Umm, anyway I don't know where I'm going and such but I thought I'd send you a message just in case.

Talk to you later...


August 5th 2070 - 08:00

This is Leaping Fire's phone, you know the drill beep etcetera. BEEP

Hi babe it's me again. Fuck that job I talked to you about... fraggers got us into fighting some nasty ficking FIFTY feet long aligator, TWO of them and several regulars and.. dire rats and, fuck me.. it was hell babe. Two runners are corpses and one more's waiting to happen, fucking elf's so green he pissed himself and started crying in a corner. I told you.. this is why I don't work with other runners.  Don't think I've seen anyone that green getting payed before... he better give up running, I'm not gonna see him again anyway. Well I got the rent covered with that job for a few weeks so should be good.

(Scratching noises)

One of those rats bit me in my arm, I better clean this again.. I'll talk to you later.


August 7th 2070 - 13:42

This is Leaping Fire's phone, if you wanna leave me a message wait for the beep If this is Wyatt, stop fucking calling me. BEEP

Hi babe, it's me again. I'm not feeling too well... maybe I should go see a doctor. I dropped that frag waiting to happen I told you about of at the hospital when we were done. Should have checked up on myself aswell. I was heavy though so didn't take the chance. Think that rat gave me something.

(sound of Tankface scratching his stubby beard)

I think I recognized one of the Johnsons, one of the elves. They were both masking themselves with some kind of magic, that stuff never worked that well on me I'm sure you remember. That's why your old man hired me after all.

I just can't remember where I've seen him before, ohwell I got plenty of photos of them, I'll look through em again later.....

Say, I've got cash to blow, and I'm thirsty for some beers, you wanna head out on town with me one of thee...

(Sound of a scream from the window, Tankface gets up)

What the fuck, did someone just get fragged. OH SHIT! They're coming... Fuck fuck fuck!

(sound of things getting thrown around, a gym bag being zipped up, then running foot steps and a jump.)

Shit it has to be the job, (panting) fucking elves screwed us! 

(Sound of several gun shots, some scuffling)