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    I like to put the RP back into RPG meaning, when I play, I play in character - there's none of this "My guy does this or says that" and I like to play with others who are into the immersive while you're in it experience. I'm also more interested in having fun than rules lawyering.

    I play Shadowrun and nWoD: Changling often and I just recently started playing Viewscream (which is an unscripted, 100% in character diceless system) but I'm also interested in getting a game of Apoc World or Cthulutech going. 

    Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Horror, Supernatural or any combination of those are the types of games that most appeal to me. I'm more into problem solving than non-stop battle stye games.

    I've primarily played RPGs via Google+ hangouts with Roll20 and if you'd like to get a preview of me as a player you can check out some of the live broadcast games via YouTube here:

    You can find me on Google+ here: