//Daily Mail

//Global News

  • Santos Pharmaceutical company in the Simferopol arcology indicted on charges of unlawful drug trials of a treatment for myopia.
  • NEG press office reports the efforts to hold back the Rapine Storm in Eastern Europe and Central Asia are proving a “momentous success.”  

//Local News

  • The destruction of an arcology mag-lev car in the Gallery district has been officially reported as a failed terrorist attack.


  • A spike in missing persons reports has been noted in the Gallery, specifically in the female (14-20) demographic.
  • NEG forces may be mounting an assault on Juneau to reclaim the city.


  • Detective Leopold Meyer of the London FSB is being detained by the OIS after reportedly handing in material evidence related to the investigation of the mag-lev incident, suggesting that the attack was caused by otherworldly creatures.
  • Brute, of the Bloody Ravens, may have suffered a final psychotic break. Bloody Ravens are attempting to track him. Brute may be headed to your area. A Wild Hunt may be called if he cannot be contained.
  • An agent in the Administrative Group, has not reported in 24 hours. Last dispatch was a cleanup assignment following your altercation with the Children on the Gallery district mag-lev.

//Memo from the Lorekeeper

Very sloppy, Rippers. Lotho tells me the Operators are unsure if the evidence collected by Detective Meyer reveals the presence of the Children or if your pack was carelessly spotted, but the Children have most certainly marked Meyer for execution. It may be wise close this possible leak; Meyer could possibly make a valuable addition to the Informant Network if you can recover him alive and he appears...malleable. Also, the Administration Network might be below your notice, but those are the people responsible for cleaning up any spills you leave behind. One of the agents was out covering that mag-lev escapade of yours, but he has not reported in. When you’re on your patrols, I’m sure he might appreciate it if you could sniff him out.