Principal Contacts

You are the chosen warriors of the Eldritch Society. For your commitment and sacrifice, you stand above others and are heeded in all things. But the sword in the Shadow War cannot be wielded you alone. The following contacts are at your disposal at all times. They will follow your direction, and support your operations with the resources of the Society; however, you would be wise to heed their advice and warnings. To ignore them places the security of the Society at risk.

Lotho (Operator)

Lotho is your eye in the sky and primary contact for all needs. As an operator, his duty is to support you with any information, acquisitions, or research that you cannot obtain yourselves. He is also capable of leveraging the combined strength of the Operator Network where necessary.

Lotho is, of course, a callsign. Communication is to be maintained via encrypted channels only. Attempting to approach an Operator directly, without sufficient cause, is a Delta level security breach and will be handled accordingly.

Jane X (Lorekeeper)

Jane X is the Lorekeeper assigned to your pack. As such, she can direct the full resources of the Society archives on your behalf. The Lorekeeper is also responsible for reviewing and cataloging your reports and journals, and reviewing the aggregate records of other field agents to find patterns and warnings that may otherwise go unnoticed. She also maintains other duties within the Society that are beyond the scope of your daily operations.

Encrypted communication with Jane X is preferred. Limited direct contact with the Lorekeeper is permitted when necessary; she will warn you when it is unsafe to do so.