Safe Havens

The following facilities are at your disposal.

Low-town residence #478A.

Community Townhouse, Low-town, London Arcology. it's records will be maintained by the Administrative Network. Your pack has chosen this site as your primary den of operation. Please observe all security protocols when approaching or leaving the facility. Report any security breach to your Operator immediately.

London Archives

The Society Archives that are maintained in the London area exist as a safe haven to all Society agents. All records and materials are at your disposal for research or operations. The Archive is also a place for quiet meditation, reflection, and training. Please respect other Tagers and agents that you may find here. The Archive may also be used as a safe house, and is fully equipped for extended residence. Please observe heightened security protocols when approaching the Archive; the Society will not allow careless agents to threaten the secrecy of this facility.

For purposes of security and anonymity, all Tager agents are required to maintain their "divine" form while within the Archives unless they are in private quarters.

Safe houses

The Society maintains a number of safe houses throughout the arcology for short-term use. For purposes of security, these safe houses are kept secret and move often. Please contact your operator when in need, and he/she will direct you to the closest safe location.