Saving Agent Korreva

Following up on the report of a missing agent of the Eldritch Societys Administrative network, Shifu and Mirror pick up the trail at his last know destination during the cleanup of an incident aboard the arcology mag-lev train that was poorly handled by the pack.

They checked out the coroners office where the remains of two young girls had been taken, only to find they had been quickly sent down to the disposal center in the sub-basement of London. Shifu darted two techs with her paralytic needly pods (really guys, this is for your own good) to steal an access card and get inside the disposal center. Before entering, they were approached by a well meaning ghoul dressed in a long coat, floppy hat, and ill fitting boots that did little to hide his gait. The ghoul informed them that they had rescued the agent from a pack of wicked creatures, but was severely wounded. He led them through the disposal center into some forgotten service tunnels. As the group hurried through the tunnels, it became obvious that they were being tracked by a pair of necrotic beasts that dogged them like bloodhounds.

They all dropped down a rough shaft used by the ghouls to access the arcology, and into a rough earthen chamber deep below. There, as Bill the Ghoul ran away, Shifu and Mirror dispatched the ravenous dhoanoid beasts without mercy. They tracked Bill through the tunnels, who then led them to the warren of tunnels that they had dug below an old mass graveyard used to bury the dead from the first Archanotech war. It was obvious that they were reaping old corpses for food. Bill led them to Korreva, who was unconciuos but stable after being tended by one of the creatures, comically dressed in a tattered lab coat. Mirror contacted Lotho, their operator, to dispatch a medic team to meet them at a nearby safe house. A young ghoul led them to an exit through a crypt in the graveyard above.

Shifu scouted a path to the safehouse, but it became obvious that they risked being seen as Mirror could not hide himself, and walking through the neighborhood would be too suspicious while carrying an uncouncious nazzadi. They requested that the medics come to the crypt to pick up the agent. When the medics arrived and were making their way aross the graveyard to meet them, a shadow detached itself from the darkness and sped towards the men. Shifu immediately set off to intercept it, but the thing was already too close. Mirror manage to wound it at long range, but it was Shifu, closing the distance in rapid leaps, who stole this moment. When she had closed half the distance, she summoned her will and teleported directly in front of the dhoanoid, taking it to the ground with a thorny clothes-line maneuver. in the seconds that followed, the tager teleported at the beast from multiple angles striking it and shredding it's body, turning it into a spray of blood and ribbons of gore.

Shaken by the sudden attack, and the ferocity with which it ended, the tagers took the medics to the dying agent so they might save his life and get him back into safe hands.


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  • Sun, May 08, 2011

    Super fun game, Donnie!  We'll have to play that again sometime.  ;D

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