Worthless Men!

I recommend that we take a long rest, but we all agree just to sit for a few minutes before continuing up the stairs. After a while, Khalil and Azkikar notice an illusion hiding a wooden door. The door is surrounded by magical runes. I suggest that we continue on, but the librarian insists on investigating promising us, "The runes are just identifying the door as safe. It's a good thing. It's not like the door will explode or anything."

As soon as he turns the handle, a burst of magical cold freezes us to the bone. The dwarf is unable to move for quite a while. Grudgingly, I follow the frustrating bookworm into the room. Of course, it's a library. Rolling my eyes in annoyance, I notice the most beautiful emerald gemstone in the ceiling. It's clearly magical. While the others waste their time, I begin climbing a book shelf to reach this marvelous treasure.

As my hand brushes a book, I activate a defensive spell which animates suits of armor to attack me. Luckily they are slow. I easily climb the book shelf as they inch towards me and reach out for the emerald. As I touch it, it burns me with magical energy and I am knocked to the floor. "Son of a bitch!" I cry in frustration before climbing the bookshelf again.

Azkikar stands around doing nothing while Khalil uses his magic to remove the emerald safely. I thought that, perhaps, he was making himself useful for once. I open my backpack for him to drop the emerald in, but he hurls the emerald to the dwarf instead! The dumb thug breaks my precious emerald into hundreds of pieces with one barbaric swing of his oversized meat tenderizer.

The statues stop moving. I jump down from the bookshelf and shuffle through the emerald shards, completely enraged. I turn to burn the damn books that worthless street magician wastes his time on, but he begs me not to. I consider roasting him alive, but instead storm into the stairway and wait for them to finish.

We continue up the stairs. We find another hidden door, but this time they listen to my suggestion to skip it. At the top of the stairs we find a large room filled with ominous cold winds. Ghosts likely linger here. In the center of the room is an illusion hiding more stairs. The doors in the room lead to bedrooms, offices, and huge piles of gold; in other words, nothing worth my time.

I complain bitterly, hoping the men might repent for their obnoxious decisions thus far.

A voice calls out to us, "Who dares trespass in the home of the master."

Excitedly, I call out, "Oh! Hi! I'm Anil!"

A spectre of Sir Pageson reveals himself. Khalil and I both call out to him by his name. Khalil asks if the Eye of Vecna is in this place, but I point out what a stupid assumption that is. Sir Pageson says the same thing I do, only he says it politely.

After talking to Sir Pageson for a moment, we build a bond. He remembers me from my previous life. I ask him some questions. Turns out that this place is owned by the guy who killed me in my last life, and the magical surge I felt was him teleporting away on an errand. I wonder why Pageson is working for such a jerk, but he insists I can only ask him one more question so I ask something slightly more important. "Did I deserve to be murdered?"

He looks into my soul and assures me that I did not. Though he comments that I may be evil this time around. Whatever. My curiosity is fulfilled, and I suggest we return to the boat.