Who says six years of writing about a necrophile doesn't pay off?

It's milestone time, my lovelies. My first novel is finally up for sale -- Strangeness in the Proportion (published by White Wolf). Just tickle the beautiful corpse below:

Boy meets girl.
Boy looses girl.
Boy gets girl back...
...one piece at a time.

To answer a few questions about the book:

· The PDF sells for $4.99. The e-reader formats are not available yet (e-pub, kindle, etc.), but if people get the PDF at DriveThruFiction, those formats will be free for customers once available – they’ll appear as additional downloads.
· Print on demand is on the way, though I don't know a date or price just yet (stay tuned!).
· Once all of the are formats are sorted out, the ebooks will be available at storefronts like Amazon, B&N, and the like.

And finally, in celebrating Vampire the Masquerade's 20th anniversary, I have an essay over at FlamesRising.com about how I met the Masquerade. Warning: contains gore, slashers, and me as a grade school boy.

It's been a long road and a surreal day. I've heard a few people, in retrospect, say that Vampire and World of Darkness fandom has been something more than gaming fandom, almost like the fandom for a favorite band. I feel like my favorite band asked me up on stage to play a few sets with them. Rock on.


  • 30 Nov 05:26

    Sweet. Thanks! I don't have any particular hashtags. Maybe #strangenessintheproportion...maybe too long...I'm not up on hash ettiquette.

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  • 29 Nov 19:51

    Congrats! I'm going to pimp this on the Infrno FB/twitter feeds for ya, got any hashtags I can include?

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