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    Ye Gods, what don't I like to play?  I've been into RPGs since 1977.  Generally, I like to play smart, honorable characters who tend to be Neutral/Good in games that use that particular nomenclature.  Currently, I'm on a Traveller, Chthonian Star, The Void kick.  But, OSR, Medieval and modern interest me, too.  There's a special place in my heart for Tekumel.  Eleves are prissy, effete snobs who have outlived their time and should all be shipped off to the West; in leaky rubber dinghies.  Beware GMs, I think way outside the box (it's the one they shipped me home from the creche in and it was damn hard getting through all of that duct tape, I'll tell you!).  Ars Magica (4 or 5) is another of my favorites.  Up in North Idaho it's pretty hard to find a group so I really want to get going on Infrno.  Just to be clear, the closest metro area to Coeur d'Alene is Spokane, Washington; about 30 miles as the wyvern flies.

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  • Sun, Sep 03, 2017

    I've been a gamer since 1977, when I picked up a copy of the original RPG's second printing.  Then, I found Tekumel: I was hooked for life.  Currently, I'm looking for a game, I'm not a picky role player, I like everything from OSR and Traveller (Mongoose or T20) to Pendragon.  I'm currently on a The Void and Chthonian Stars kick.  I enjoy thinking outside the box; GMs beware! 

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